Summer Lesson, the cheerful virtual reality flirt-'em-up from the Tekken team, may yet wink at Western audiences, as publisher Bandai Namco has trademarked the title in Europe. The game, which sees you attempting to teach a college student while she twizzles her hair, has been one of the few PlayStation VR titles to draw any real attention, with the trailers unsurprisingly garnering millions of views.

The gameplay looks pretty simple, with you nodding and shaking your head at the behest of your student's requests. It'll need to be fleshed out a lot if it's going to sell at full-price, but we suppose that there's potential in the idea as a digital download. The big surprise, of course, is that this could come overseas at all – especially considering the somewhat questionable content. It'll be interesting to see the, er, response to this one.

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