We can all probably agree that PlayStation 4 firmware update v4.50 is a good update: the external hard drive support is welcome, the custom wallpapers feature is nice to have, and the addition of Boost Mode is great if you're a PS4 Pro owner. But there's one thing about the update that I can't wrap my head around: the new Notifications Menu.

This has never been great in my opinion, but it's regressed dramatically with the latest update. Where previously there used to be multiple tabs showing you all of the information about your system, now it's been bundled together and looks like a complete mess. I honestly can't fathom the thought process here: why fix something that isn't even particularly broken?

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the platform holder changed this back because I can't imagine the feedback is going to be positive at all – in fact, I've no idea how it even got through beta. It's a shame that such a needless change has pulled down what is otherwise an excellent firmware update. For the love of Shuhei Yoshida, bring back the old Notifictations Menu, Sony.

Is Sammy just scared of change? Do you think the new Notifications Menu is an improvement, and why? Are you hoping Sony brings back the old one? Cram everything into one list in the comments section below.

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