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Horizon: Zero Dawn Still Looks Mighty Impressive in New PS4 Trailer

Posted by Robert Ramsey


Horizon: Zero Dawn's got another gorgeous trailer, this time focusing on its story and cutscenes. As we've come to expect, the game's world looks stunning, and the character models are of a really high standard. In short, it's still a visual feast for the eyes.

There's one question that still hovers over Sony's blockbuster, though: will the plot actually be any good? After watching this, we've still not convinced of its quality. Quest takes young person away from home, she gets pulled into a potentially catastrophic series of events, blatant bad guy shows up, proceeds to turn robot dinosaurs into evil robot dinosaurs... Yeah, you get the picture.

Still, this could just be accessibly sewn together for the purposes of the trailer - we're just hoping that the title doesn't sell itself short when it's clearly boasting such an interesting world. Oh, and that hologram guy that appears? He looks a bit like Sinclair from Killzone: Shadow Fall, doesn't he? Just a thought.

What do you make of this trailer? How excited are you for Horizon? March towards March in the comments section below.

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Sanquine said:

Oké, this and some thread on N4g/NEOGAF spoillered the whole story for me...



SegaBlueSky said:

Definitely revealed too much story with this trailer. Rather wish I hadn't watched it now.

Anyway, even if the plot is a bit hammy it still looks fun enough to counter that. But I HATE having the story ruined, even if it's not especially good. It's put me off a bit.



Splat said:

This and Mass Effect coming out in back to back months...



SuperSilverback said:

Its sinclairs exact same voice actor to is it not 🤔 haha if this is some mental Killzone spin off i wouldnt even be upset. Dam higs building robot dinos



adf86 said:

@get2sammyb To be fair Sammy any story can be seen as a pretty cliched one if condensed into a few sentences. Besides most open world games tend to have a by numbers story anyway because anything more complex gets lost amongst the millions of things your doing in the game. Funnily enough the actual plot is the least interesting thing part for about Horizon, what excites is this is a new IP by a studio that for me don't get enough respect, it has such a fascinating world that's really been done before (certainly not on this scale) it has a female protagonist which is something that PlayStation has severely lacked and it seems to have a really solid combat system. If the story's a dud then it's something to improve on for the sequel.



BAMozzy said:

Looks like they have really worked on their character models in recent months. Nice to see more environments and areas to explore too. I am really excited by this and don't think the trailer revealed too much - considering what we knew before - time will tell...

Either way, March can't come soon enough...



wiiware said:

Not watching it, they give too much of the story now. They should keep the story secret like in the last guardian..



Octane said:

Whelp, this game looks 10 times better now. It's good to see so many different environments and tribes.



DLB3 said:

@wiiware There's more to the game than they're showing. The writer John Gonzalez explicitly said they are being careful about everything they show. So I wouldn't worry too much, the game looks amazing though.
@adf86 That's kind of how I feel, I'm mostly care about story the most in games but I've given little thought to Horizon's story. The world and Aloy just seem so interesting that I have to dive into it. A female protagonist is a bonus also.



Mega-Gazz said:

Gameplay! I hope for a good story, but I'll sacrifice quality on the plot before quality of the gameplay



DerMeister said:

I just saw it on the youtube channel. Kinda wish I hadn't. The game still looks really good aside from odd lip-sync, but I felt like it revealed too much story for me. I'd rather have learned that stuff as I'm playing along.

Hopefully this is just a brief glimpse and that there's more to it than what the trailer is showing.



Neurotic_Biotic said:

The facial animations still look kinda weird, probably just the lip-sync, environments look really stunning though.



SnowstormX said:

They have done loads of work on facial animations looks way more realistic, Open world is stunning but now we know it will have tribal cities just adds another layer to this game. People moaning about spoilers were also the people moaning this game has no story wich now we can wasn't true. I hope the leaked ending isn't true though I had this sprung on me by the Know.



Boerewors said:

Calling it now: this game will be delayed, again (not the delay to March 3rd, but it'll be pushed back 2, 3 months)



nathanSF said:

What matters is not so much the story as the way it is told and how well it engages you



DarthRevan1247 said:

So you know why she left her village, and you know there is a bad guy terrorizing their portion of the world.....That's pretty much it. I am sure there will be more to it than what was shown in the trailer guys lol



PlaytendoGuy said:

The plot is gonna be very paint by numbers but long as the gameplay is fun and enjoyable then I don't care.



Ralizah said:

Not really a fan of the story elements that have been revealed so far. Hopefully the gameplay holds up.



Matroska said:

@nathanSF Very true. I also think that it's important in videogame stories to make you feel like an active participant rather than just an idiot that just does what you're told, that runs from A to B in order to trigger the next cutscene of other people doing significant things.

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