Horizon: Zero Dawn's got another gorgeous trailer, this time focusing on its story and cutscenes. As we've come to expect, the game's world looks stunning, and the character models are of a really high standard. In short, it's still a visual feast for the eyes.

There's one question that still hovers over Sony's blockbuster, though: will the plot actually be any good? After watching this, we've still not convinced of its quality. Quest takes young person away from home, she gets pulled into a potentially catastrophic series of events, blatant bad guy shows up, proceeds to turn robot dinosaurs into evil robot dinosaurs... Yeah, you get the picture.

Still, this could just be accessibly sewn together for the purposes of the trailer - we're just hoping that the title doesn't sell itself short when it's clearly boasting such an interesting world. Oh, and that hologram guy that appears? He looks a bit like Sinclair from Killzone: Shadow Fall, doesn't he? Just a thought.

What do you make of this trailer? How excited are you for Horizon? March towards March in the comments section below.