No Man's Sky has been appearing on various mainstream television shows of late, which is curious considering that the game doesn't have a release date. However, there's some speculation that the title could release during Sony's big Paris Games Week press conference later in the month. The source of the speculation is shaky, but various components of this rumour do make logical sense.

A supposed industry insider teased on Twitter this month that the game will get dated and priced in the French capital, which kickstarted this discussion. In truth, we don't trust this particular source – he appears to be making an educated guess at best – but one Amazon UK customer noticed that their order status for a physical copy of Hello Games' ambitious game had changed to 27th October.

That just so happens to be the exact same day that the Japanese giant is set to take to the stage in Paris. Given that it's a European show and No Man's Sky is being made in the UK, we'd absolutely expect an update on the game during the platform holder's press conference – but could it go one step further and pull an "out now" type announcement out of its hat?

It's a long shot, but Sony's been dazzling during its media briefings for a while now. How do you top The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Shenmue III? You tell your fans that one of the PS4's biggest releases is ready to purchase right now from the PlayStation Store. As evidenced earlier in this paragraph, stranger things have happened.