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Let's Be Honest, Heavenly Sword: The Movie Looks Hellishly Bad

Posted by Sammy Barker

Kai sera, sera

Hairy heroine Nariko’s real-life alter ego Anna Torv may be present and correct, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to save Blockade Entertainment’s cinematic Heavenly Sword adaptation from plunging to the pits of Hades. The curious flick seems to have been in production for an eternity, and now it finally has a 2nd September release date in North America.

Following the events of the PlayStation 3 adventure, the movie looks like it’s been rendered using last-gen hardware in order to maintain authenticity – seriously, this doesn’t look like a cutting edge computer graphics production, does it? Veteran thespian Andy Serkis is unsurprisingly out, but Spider-Man 2 star Alfred Molina has stepped in to fill King Bohan’s big boots.

Should you pick up the straight-to-video affair on Blu-ray or DVD, you’ll unlock access to a bunch of behind-the-scenes material, including interviews with the cast and crew. We’re going to assume that everyone involved is going to look a little embarrassed, because we’re not entirely sure why this got made. Still, kudos to the creators for following the project through – er, we guess.


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Batman said:

Wow. That was... I feel sorry for the people behind this. It's obviously been in production for an absolute age and they're trying to shove it out there, but who is it for? Who would this have appealed to even in the wake of the game's release?



get2sammyb said:

@Confused_Dude It's weird, isn't it? I want to say that the same people are doing Ratchet & Clank, too, which actually looks pretty decent, so this just seems like it was a practice exercise or something. Really strange.



naruball said:

Though there is little to no doubt that this will be a huge flop, I can't wait to watch it. Anna Torv is hands down my favourite voice actress from any video game I've ever played. There's something incredible about her voice. Blu-ray for me.



Scollurio said:

Hmm. I don't know your problem, yes it's not high end graphics, but seriously, we all (most of us do) play pixelated retro games, why not watch something that has it's own (underwhelming) art style and enjoy it for what it is? I don't know anything about the series but I could imagine that fans of it will enjoy watching this.

I know I might sound some Nintendonerd, but... "it's not always about the graphics" folks. Books. No graphics at all. Awesome!



bbq_boy said:

Oops I guess I'll be watching this as I really enjoyed the Heavenly Sword game.




It looks like it's been kicking around since '08.

It may not be all about the graphics all the time, but you have to like what you're looking at on some level. I finished Heavenly Sword, I don't really want to watch the film of pretty much the same anyway, and certainly not when said film looks like an unambitious PS4 game.



RawShark said:

Do you think this might be a low budget release to test the water for other PS branded movies? Maybe they're purposely low balling a release to see what the worst case scenario will be for bigger franchises? Or maybe I'm clutching at straws.



Jazzer94 said:

@get2sammyb Great now I have to go watch some Fringe season 1.

OT: A lot of cheesy slow motion in this trailer and the animation screams straight to DVD (which it is), I might pick it up when it's £3 in Sainsburys.



rjejr said:

Um, that looks fine, good even for a straight to video release. Looks a whole lot better than Angeline Jolies Beowolf and that was a theater release big budget production. Ill find more recent releases later, linking on a tablet is a pain. But this looks like they wanted it to look like videogame graphics, which is fine for a DVD release.

OK, I know Beowulf is old, but here's a straight to DVD release from this past Feb. As a father of 2 boys I know what straight-to-DVD looks like, and this is more often than not what it looks like (Disney and Dreamworks are the exceptions, not the rule):



ohhaime said:

I won't be seeing this because I have no interest in Heavenly Sword. But it doesn't really look that bad. Sure the textures aren't as good as they could be but the animation looks fairly smooth and it still looks better then most straight to DVD animated movies.



ToddlerNaruto said:

No offense, but I'd much rather have the original Heavenly Sword game reprinted (currently out of print), or at least have it available for purchase on PSN.

No way in heck am I paying $50+ New for a 2007 PS3 game, and I refuse to buy it used or pre-owned either.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

@ToddlerNaruto - You're reasoning confuses me. Why on Earth would you not buy it pre-owned/used? You're getting it second hand either way new in wrapping or not since it's out of print. Its like 7 bucks at Gamestop used.



KelticDevil said:

I have no idea why this movie is even being released at this point. I did like Heavenly Sword quite a bit (especially the story, cutscenes, & Andy Serkis is AMAZING as the villain), but the game didn't sell well & a sequel never got past the planning stages. In fact, Ninja Theory has said that they have moved on.

But here's what they need to do: Repackage up the game, re-release it with trophies (trophies weren't around back when it was released), & put this movie in with the package. Sell it for a discount price & see if people give it a shot. If it sells, finally give us a sequel. The game didn't get a fair shake, in my opinion, as it came out during the dark days of the PS3 (after the huge flops Lair & Haze and before Uncharted) when the PS3 wasn't selling.



-CraZed- said:

#1 Hellishly bad is quite overstating it.
#2 its obviously been in production for a while and isn't the highest budget affair so it isn't going to be the best in terms of visuals. So I think we ought to cut it some slack there.
#3 It's Heavenly Sword which was a great game and since we haven't gotten a sequel this will have to do and I for one am excited about it. Blu-ray day one for me.

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