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Freedom Wars' English Story Trailer Will Leave You With a Raised Eyebrow

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Living is a crime

If you didn't quite find yourself captivated by last week's 12 minutes of Japanese Freedom Wars gameplay, perhaps this three minute English trailer will do the trick. Thanks to the magic of subtitles, you can finally wrap your head around the handheld title's seemingly bonkers plot.

Focusing on the release's cast of colourful characters, we must admit that it's all very intriguing. The apocalyptic setting certainly seems to have an air of uncertainty about it, while tackling huge not-quite-mechanical beasts with massive rocket launchers is bound to be enough to entice most people into giving this a look. If anything, though, it's fair to say that the game's world looks to be chock full of crazy people who would like nothing better than to slice you up into tiny little pieces. Are you eagerly awaiting your freedom? Break out in the comments section below.

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Gemuarto said:

OMG, This is epic jap's crap =). Eh, I want to buy it on realese day, but there will be upgraded version next year...

I wonder when japs will stop making games about childrean. They need to follow Kojima's lead and make games about granps.



get2sammyb said:

@Gemuarto Please can you stop referring to Japanese people as 'Japs'. I appreciate there's probably no racist intent in your comments, but they could be inferred that way, so just keep that in mind.



Gemuarto said:

@get2sammyb Sorry, I am very big racist fan... When I lived in South Korea for some time, I always told Konnichiwa to koreans, in informal environment. Like I couldn't distinct them from japanese people =). They weren't angry at me at all, because it was funny >____<. So, how should I call them? Japanese people?



Punished_Boss_84 said:

No wonder this localisation is so quick, there is no English dub and the secrecy regarding a physical retail release in EU is not helping! Oh well.



Heiki said:

@Gemuarto Me neither. I'm happy they are keeping the Japanese audio for this one.

You should take some notes, Atlus.



Jazzer94 said:

Story seems like it will be a good one, I'm not really that bummed that this will only be subbed as most of the time I prefer the Japanese voices over the English ones.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - So it looks like we're getting a physical release, that should cheer you up a bit. Now you just need to pick up a pair of reading spectacles



Gamer83 said:

Looks great, won't lie though, like Gravity Rush 2 I'd have preferred it to be PS4.



ObviouslyAdachi said:

What happened to you guys? Why are you excited for this? It looks awful. It has horrible graffics, a ridiculous story, and the gameplay looks tired. Why would you want this? Are you that desperate for a Vita game???



Gemuarto said:

@ObviouslyAdachi Exactly my thoughts =). But, at the same time, I want some solid hunting game in my pocket and don't want to stick with Nintendo =). But, yeah, japanese people =))) don't want to develop hunting games to something more complex and interesting than they are now.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@ObviouslyAdachi Well you're just a meanie!

Its the "biggest Vita game of the year" because there's not much else fighting for that crown and there's not much of future to look forward to.



JaxonH said:


Yeah, I'm happy about the physical release. That matters to me much more than subtitles. In fact, the subtitles don't bother me THAT much- it was just the combination of the two being a little much for what was "supposed" to be a big release. I play Nintendo games with subtitles all the time- it's hearing the Japanese language that kinda sucks. But, can't win em all, right! I'll take my victories as they come.

Are you getting this game?



JaxonH said:

To anyone who cares about the whole physical/digital thing:

Just found out physical release confirmed for North America, but apparently Europe is still getting digital-only. No retail release in EU.



Heavyman99 said:

@heiki Yeah, it'd probably be best for games that aren't Atlus made. I'd need to be REALLY confident to listen to most game's English dubs. Bravely Default offered the option to use both, but I'd rather the file size be kept down for Europe's release.



Heavyman99 said:

@JaxonH The NA version of Soul Sacrifice Delta is digital only. We're more or less in the same boat for different reasons.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "Are you getting this game?"

No Vita, no game. We'll see how PS TV support goes, I still want one of those.

And subtitles shouldn't really be an issue - team up w people and fight giant monsters - how much reading can there be?

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