How many Naughty Dog employees does it take to port The Last of Us to the PlayStation 4? The studio’s not going into specifics, but it has stressed that the “lion’s share” of its workforce is focusing on Uncharted PS4, with a small team dedicated to overhauling last year’s survival horror epic for Sony’s new machine.

The snippet was revealed as part of an interview with PlayStation Access, in which co-president Evan Wells and game director Bruce Straley also revealed that development on the port started shortly after the firm shipped the PlayStation 3 version last year. “We weren’t sure whether it was going to go anywhere,” said Wells. “When we saw the fans clamouring for it, though, we started to double down.”

As announced earlier today, the re-release will boast improved character models, enhanced lighting, better shadows, and some unannounced gameplay tweaks. Moreover, creative director Neil Druckmann has confirmed on Twitter that the studio’s targeting 60 frames-per-second, which should go hand-in-hand with the upgrade's new native 1080p resolution. In other words, the game’s going to look impossibly pretty.