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May PlayStation Plus Content Reveal Coming in the Next Day or Two

Posted by Sammy Barker

Patience is a virtue

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It doesn’t feel like that long ago since we were reporting on April’s excellent PlayStation Plus lineup, but now May’s content refresh is almost upon us. Responding to a query on the European PlayStation Blog, manager Fred Dutton hinted that the firm's "hoping" to reveal the full lineup within the next “day or two”. Seeing as there’s still two more PlayStation Store publishes planned before the end of April, that seems early – but we’re not complaining.

Exactly what will feature in the lineup is unclear at this point. Wild West shooter Secret Ponchos has long been attached to the PlayStation 4 portion of the Instant Game Collection, but was delayed recently, so that’s presumably out. Octodad: Dadliest Catch is also no longer a candidate, though it will get a discount in the United States. What are you personally hoping gets given away in May? Are there any PS4 titles in particular that you want to play? What are your dream PS3 and Vita giveaways? Tap out your wishlist in the comments section below.


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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Arkham city, there's not much else I'm bothered about. I don't think we're going to see big games on vita this month and ps4 will obviously be another indie. I'm far too busy worrying about my physical and digital backlog as well as football manager to really care. If they give me arkham city I'll be happy enough.



NicolaHayden said:

I like my dose of short indie games on the PS3 like March's Brothers so more would be happily welcomed. Velocity Ultra for the Vita would be awesome before the sequel's release this summer.



NicolaHayden said:

@ZeD And this is why you should make sure you have all the PS+ titles downloaded even if you don't own the console yet. I'm keeping my PS4 collection up to date



ZeD said:

@NicolaHayden Oh yes it sure is - even if you do not have the console yet, just imagine how many games you will have when you do get it!
@SimonAdebisi You can pick it up pretty cheap at the moment

It is hard to say what will come in this months Plus as there have been many games on sale which would sit nicely in the collection.



hammergrantN7 said:

I hope we get something much better on ps4 this time. Mercenary kings was good and all but it's a game I could play on an arcade machine. I haven't paid 500 quid for a ps4 to play something I could of played on any previous gen machines



ZeD said:

@hammergrantN7 If you all you play on your PS4 are the games you get from PS Plus then yes, 500 Quid (which is a lot higher than RRP BTW) is a lot of money but there are some brilliant "Next Gen" games on the system. The PS Plus games on the PS4 are great for killing time in between the bigger titles



hammergrantN7 said:

@ZeD no I completely agree but if you look at some of the titles you get on ps3 from PlayStation plus there really impressive. Of cours that's not all I play. I have most of the main next gen games minus COD and battlefield. But I was just disappointed this month. I had a lot more fun with the likes resogun or outlast



ZeD said:

@hammergrantN7 Good Point - but the back catalog on the PS3 is bigger than that on the PS4. When the IGC started on the PS3 they had so much more to choice from. Just give it a little time, I am sure we will get a big title



hammergrantN7 said:

@ZeD yeah I'm sure they will come and your right obviously ps3 does have a lot more to choose just my own greed and being impatient you know



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Also drowning in backlog, about 30 games on ps3 and 30 more on vita. Apart from the obvious PS plus freebies I won't be buying anything more on ps3 and its gonna be a while before I shell out on my vita.



gavandjake said:




ZeD said:

@gavandjake Nice to see that mature "gamers" are signing up here now. Pathetic - if you don't like Plus, cancel it and sell your PS4 and piss off from here!



DrClayman said:

I don't think it's fair calling Mercenary Kings something you'd play in arcade shops. The title has an insane amount of missions, customization options, resource gathering etc. It's basically a lighter, side scrolling version of Borderlands. Sure, the graphics are old school, but it has insane game value, especially getting it for free.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

I downloaded Mercenary Kings anyway to try it out and I have to say, it was arguably the worst experience I've had on my PS4 to date.
Up there with Contrast.
The music was a massive annoyance, along with the enemies respawning seconds after I had just killed them and the game got rubbish after about 20 minutes IMO.
I tried over a couple of days and just could not enjoy it.

I dont expect anything like Infamous yet, and I play AC4 and BF4 online so the sub is ok, but I would like to see something like Strider or a "Remaster" such as Injustice (though thats unlikely).



Ginkgo said:

I will never complain about receiving a free game, but I really really hope May's PS4 game is a better offering the Mercenary Kings. How it is rated so highly is beyond my ken.



Ginkgo said:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya I quite enjoyed contrast. It was a fantastic concept and many of the puzzles were well done. The controls were poor which took away from the experience. Certainly not a perfect game, but I had fun.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

@Ginkgo That was the first issue but it just didnt hit the right notes.
Outlast got a bit stale after an hour or so too.
Really enjoyed Dont Starve and Resogun though.

Im not opposed to Indie but with games like Hover being made I wonder why other studios cant do the same .



rjejr said:

25 posts for the announcement of an upcoming announcement? Things sure have picked up here of late, must be the 7mil new PS4 owners.



Epic said:

I forgot you guys on EU aren't used to wait xD
PS US always reveal the updates on Thursday so I guess PS EU will try to do the same.



ZeD said:

@heyzeus002 I have been around these pages for a few years and in recent times (since the PS4), a lot of idiots are signing up and spoiling it all
@Epic I think that EU/US Plus lists are going to sync up soon so we all know what the PS4 title is going to be next



Squiggle55 said:

here's hoping for our first retail ps4 game. something like knack would suit me just fine



Dohv said:

Other than Resogun and Outlast all the PS4 PS+ titles have been lame to me. Hopefully next month PS4 gets something cool.

As for Vita I hope the P4G or Ys Memories of Celceta is true. And if they give us both that would be amazing. Then when my BL2 Vita Slim bundle arrives next month I won't have to spend a dime on games yet.



heyzeus002 said:

@ZeD been reading this and nlife for awhile too and community one of the major factors for me. I guess the zealots/idiots also neeed to post somewhere but I thought that''s what ign was for...



anthonyharter said:

I would love to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Watch Dogs, Southpark, The Last Of Us or WWE 2K14, But That Is Wishful Thinking. Realistically Maybe Any "Greatest Hits" Games That's Been Released For PS3, That Automatically Shows That They Are Great Games.



ZeD said:

@TOMBOY25 why thank you 😄
Some one needed to tell that fool! We need mods to control them all! [Evil Laugh and Pyramid of Power!]



617Sqn said:

I would like Dragons crown and the indi chicken game for vita. Not to play, just to add to my vita backlog. (but remember kids, vita has no games!)



MIDNIGHT18 said:

Loving my ps4 can't wait to see what awesome game next month has to offer...hope lol its (Planetside 2)



ZeD said:

That guy sent me a message through the PSN saying I am childish! He is such a brave sole 😀
Feel sorry for him. Sorry for the language on the message & I think this may have gone too far now :/



ZeD said:

@gavandjake ok. I spoke down to you because honestly cap locks makes you look like and idiot and learn how to spell & one finally point; don't send me private messages. It is not like I come to your house personal to tell you that you are being silly. Trust me I am not the only one who thinks this!
We all welcome new members but when your first comment is this, it looks like you signed up, had a rant and then disappeared. Be constructive. That is all is needed here. I hope you also know that caplocks looks like you are shouting so I would stay away from that in future.




ZeD said:

@Chris1975 must say it made my morning but not as much as that we may know what we are getting on Plus next month!

Happy Days!



C120XY said:

I've been browsing this via Facebook for a few months and I regularly read the comments for people's opinions, today I had to join with one purpose, and that was to tell @gavandjake, you sir, are a full blown ****tard



Chris1975 said:

@ZeD Whether it is an indie or a full blown title, i really don't mind. As long as it isn't as poor as Merc Kings, I tried so hard to like it as it was a throwback to the old days but it was just so poorly executed, repetitive and boring that I eventually gave up.

I'm hoping it's not Secret Ponchos as it's too soon after Dead Nation for another top down effort.



ZeD said:

@Chris1975 It might be Stick it to the Man - its release is next Wednesday and that is the next PS Plus update.



Chris1975 said:

@ZeD JUst watched the trailer, looks a bit bonkers but interesting.

Was hoping against hope that Sony would sign up Transistor for ps+



heyzeus002 said:

Im still waiting for knack tbh.i can understand sonys reluctant cos then the precedent would be set n people would expect a full retail title every month thereafter and no doubt be pissed when it didn't happen.



Dub-Focus said:

Yeah goto admit i was not keen on Mercenary Kings, Dead Nation was WAYYY better in my opinion, i would like the "Trials" everyone is going on about



mitcHELLspawn said:

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