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Here's What Borderlands 2 Will Look Like on Your PS Vita

Posted by Kell Andersen


While Sony has been tearing up the Game Developers Conference with its long awaited virtual reality headset, Sony has sneakily allowed the press to get its hands on the PlayStation Vita re-release of popular loot-'em-up Borderlands 2. Luckily, Spanish site Atomix has shared its findings, posting this short clip which gives us our first glimpse at the sharp-witted shooter running on the Japanese giant's flagship handheld. Just, uh, ignore the attendee in the background talking about some other console that we've never heard of before.

While the game certainly maintains its characteristic visual charm, it does appear to be a little constrained on the portable screen. In particular, the maritime section of the demo looks a bit raw at times. However, the title does appear to be running quite smoothly, which is arguably much more important than its visual vigour. What do you make of this brand new footage? Do you think that the port looks handsome, or utterly horrific? Shoot-'n'-loot in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

It actually looks better than I expected. The loading times are awful, and it's clearly a bit janky, but it looks like a reasonable port, which is more than I expected.

This video is hilarious by the way. Love that background chatter.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Dat background chatter Dat loading times. Dat Frame Rate. Dat controls.

IGN did not enjoy their preview. The port is done by Sony and their Indie Studio on contract. These issues won't be fixed in time for launch whenever that is or at all. Speaking of patches?

But if i wasn't told its like the PS3 version in regards to some problems initially, it would be more problematic.

Edit: LOL at sub-title



k_andersen said:

My favourite part of the video is when he starts talking about South Park: Stick of Truth - "It's an RPG type of game" - Classic!

On topic, though, I'm pretty impressed with how it looks myself. That one bit near the water looks raw as heck, but the rest looks relatively smooth - hopefully it'll play well.



Epic said:

Its screen tearing in such a mild soft action scene on Souther Shelf Bay(almost at the end of the video), I don't want to see how this thing EXPLODES when they start fighting contructors and Hyperion Robots start falling from the sky. O-O

If they don't fix this by launch this is going to be looking pretty sad for Vita. T_T



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

It looks ok but I'm not overly impressed. I think it was a big mistake to offer it for free on the ps3, that's why I probably won't bother.



get2sammyb said:

@k_andersen I think it seems that we had lower expectations than everyone else. I really worried this was going to be atrocious - especially given how long they've kept it underwraps.



k_andersen said:

@get2sammyb Look, to be honest, I was pretty suspicious of this from day one. So the fact that it looks playable at all has impressed me.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

It ain't getting any.

The time for that has long passed, now you will just have to deal with what you got. Sony doesn't care, major third parties don't care. Niche, ports and indies games going forward. And remote play.



Sanquine said:

Looks pretty ****** to me. Can't guerilla cambridge fix things? Those guys did the wonderfull killzone

@Bigboss on a killingspree i see? You sure do love the wine about vita. Just sell it If sony doesn't care why should you? Some people get aroused of complaining.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@Sanquine Its the truth, even Sony admitted it: if you can see through their delusions and lies.

I care enough comment, thats all. In this case i care enough to respond to someone. I can't sell something I enjoy even though Sony/Third parties don't care besides i would be losing money/investment. That would be silly. As for my whining thats just about almost equal to whats actually happening.



kensredemption said:

I don't know...I mean, I was barely interested in Borderlands to begin with. Would've rather seen a Bioshock game on the Vita, but Irrational Games folded... -Sigh-



Jazzer94 said:

Its not looking good if I'm gonna be honest which is really disappointing maybe Sony should try making more original games for Vita instead of all these ports but that will never happen.



XFsWorld said:

Nice, can't wait to pick up my Vita on May 21.

Edit: I thought this comes out in May?



InsertNameHere said:

Actually, 3rd party support is steadily rising, as well as sales. Not to mention all the localizations like Project Diva, Demons Gaze, Danganronpa, Mind Zero, etc.

And though Sony seems to have all its studios working on the PS4, they still care about the Vita.



baconcow said:

Looks descent. Need to fix up those frame skips, screen tearing, and stuttering, first. Then, I might pick it up.



SilentJ said:

This game is pretty huge so I had my doubts about this even making it to the Vita but it definitely looks better than I expected. I'm not even halfway into the PS3 version yet so I'll probably end up passing on the Vita one.



Azikira said:

I am impressed at how well they have compressed the entire game onto a tiny Vita screen. Sure, it's not going to look as pretty, or run as smooth, but the fact that you can have the ENTIRE game, will ALL the DLC, on the go? It's more then worth the double-dip.



rastamadeus said:

Looks better than I expected but will be interesting to see how it copes with things like Loaders, a Constructor and it's minions are all on screen at once, Terramorphus and his tentacles all attacking together and the fight trying to get at Angel.



larry_koopa said:

I love my Vita and am a big fan of handheld gaming in general, but I think they're just trying to shoehorn a title onto the Vita that has no business being on a handheld. The game was great on my PS3 - I just can't see the Vita doing it justice, as great as the handheld is.

And besides load times and choppiness, the Vita is lacking quite a few buttons compared to the Dualshock. I know they're using the touch screen and rear touch pad to compensate, but that just doesn't sound pleasant to me. Games like Tearaway and Dragon's Crown are perfect fits for the Vita... FPSs... not so much.



JaxonH said:

There is a release date. Not sure what those ppl are talking about. Borderlands 2 releases on May 31st (I remember, cause Watch Dogs is May 27, Mario Kart 8 is May 30 and Borderlands 2 is May 31).

I'ma be completely honest here- I actually think the game looks good. Well, about what I was expecting anyways. Certainly no worse than what I thought it would be. It's no new Vita exclusive, but, like FFX it's a great game on Vita, and great games on Vita are always welcome in my book. Day one buy.



JaxonH said:

I do agree to an extent. I mean, IF they're going to put full fledged FPS experiences on a handheld, then it needs to have double shoulder buttons at the least. Not sure if clickable analogues would be feasible or work good on a handheld, but the double shoulder buttons are a must.

Having said that, 3DS gets by without even having a second anlogue (well, there's the Circle Pad Pro which IS necessary in games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate or Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance), the difference is, no one is trying to bring fully fledged FPS experiences to 3DS. Well, there's that Ironfall coming, and Moon Chronicles, but that's about it.

I think it comes down to the fact that Vita is being treated as a handheld capable of full FPS experiences, and as such, is held to a higher standard than the 3DS in that regard. People expect more out of it- I mean, I hear more complaints about no double shoulder buttons on Vita than I hear complaints about no second anologue on 3DS (CPP aside, of course). If no one was trying to bring those kinds of games to Vita, it wouldn't be an issue. It's only because those types of games ARE on Vita (CoD, Resistance, Unit13, KZ, Borderlands) that the available buttons become inadequate...



XFsWorld said:

@JaxonH Yeah, I hope it comes out in May. The game looks great, though I did notice a lil screen tear, but I doubt that would stop me from playing.



JaxonH said:

@Big-Boss Sorry bud, I'm in the US, sometimes I forget how many members are in the UK. In NA it's May 31, not sure about the UK though. No wonder people are asking what I'm talking about. Thanks for clearing that up

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