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Weirdness: This Dramatic Story Makes an Argument for the PS4 Controller's Light Bar

Posted by Sammy Barker

Shine it bright

There may be some debate as to whether the PlayStation 4 controller’s light bar is entirely necessary, but one shaken NeoGAF poster is thankful that Sony hasn’t incorporated an option to dim it at a system level yet. As part of a theatrical post on the popular message board, user Khalifa Jayy recited how the DualShock 4's glowing surface may have actually saved his nephew’s life. Well, sort of, anyway.

“I was headed out to the gym tonight at around 9PM,” he recalled. “I went out of the front door only to quickly notice that my parent’s truck was parked on the street adjacent to our driveway entrance, and thus blocking my exit. I came back inside our house to ask my brother-in-law to move the truck so that I could back out of the driveway, but I apparently failed to close the front door properly.” If this were a Crimewatch reconstruction, we’d insert a slow motion shot of a door coming unlatched right here.

The poster’s nephew – a youngster at just one year and seven months old – ended up making his way out of the house through the unsealed front door, but decided to take the illuminating peripheral with him. Seeing as no one knew that he had even left the house, this would later prove pivotal when the writer’s brother clocked a strange light down the street. “He goes to check it out, and sure enough my nephew was out there playing with the controller and some rocks,” the post added.

“Had it not been for the blue light out there, he wouldn't have known that my nephew was out in the street," the message continued. "Assuming that to be the case, he would have been under the impression that my nephew was with my sister in their room, safe and sound.” Crisis averted? “Yes, I know I'm an idiot for not double checking the door with a child around the house, but I really am thankful that my nephew was kept out of harm’s way,” the poster said.

“Thank you based DualShock 4 for saving my nephew's life and for ensuring that my sister and brother-in-law didn't murder me had anything happened to my curious nephew. In [Shuhei] Yoshida and [Mark] Cerny we trust.” The moral: if you’ve got little kids in your house, don’t attach one of those light bar dimming decals to your next-gen console’s input device. Oh, and always remember to check the door.


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Tasuki said:

Wow just wow. It's a good thing they went with a PS4 and not an Xbox One.

On serious note though glad nothing happened to the kid. I know I have used my PS4 as a flashlight when going through my house to the kitchen when I am doing some late night PS4 gaming.



andysixx4ever said:

wow that's amazing (plus i always find it impossible to find my ps3 controller so now i'm looking forward to buying a ps4 now lol)



Chris1975 said:

Just a question. How far away do you have to be before the bluetooth disconnects and the light bar goes off?



SethPuddle said:

@Chris1975 probably not down the street. you would think it would be disconnected but if you try to turn it on it would still blink and try to connect.

anyways, I never had an issue with the light strip, I actually like it, looks nice. makes me feel like I am holding something of importance. which I am I suppose.



Volmun said:

Quite a nice story good the kid was ok - only thing with the lighbar id like is to change the coloure of it depending on the user (as id like mine green)

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