Bethesda Softworks today confirmed a launch date for its upcoming third-person survival horror game, The Evil Within. The date with death was announced via the publisher's Twitter account, and included an image showing a glimpse of the horrors to come. The game, helmed by Resident Evil 4 director Shinji Mikami, and developed by Tango Gameworks, will be unleashed on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on 26th August in North America, with the European release emerging from the shadows a few days later on 29th August.

In an early preview of the game last year, we said that "if we’re already having nightmares over a slender serving of footage, then we’re destined to be psychologically battered by the time that we’re done with the full game". With that in mind, it's shaping up to be a frightfully good year for survival horror fans, as Outlast recently chased us down its grimy halls. Other upcoming scare-'em-ups include Dying Light, Daylight, and Alien: Isolation. Are you already setting money aside for a new pair of pants in preparation for The Evil Within, or does the prospect of exploring Beacon Mental Hospital have you reaching for the nearest light switch? Shriek at us in the comments section below.