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Fri 6th Dec 2013

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GunstarHero234 commented on Weirdness: One Japanese Store Compares the Pow...:

PS Japanese Buyer: I wanted to buy a PS4 and I wanted to know is the system worth it over a PS3?

Japanese Store Seller: IT'S OVER 9000!!!

PS Japanese Buyer: REALLY are you telling me the truth?

Japanese Store Seller: Look at the chart and get your word of wisdom of both systems.

PS Japanese Buyer: Mmmm I see I will preorder one then because I LOVE DBZ but you should have put SSJ4 for PS4 and SSJ3 for PS3.



GunstarHero234 commented on Gaming's Flashiest Trailer Belongs to Mobile S...:

Still got the first Gundam Extreme Vs import and for this coming to the console is much more considered to have with my flurry of Japanese niche titles and imports.

I just cannot wait when the PS4 get pushed full swing in Japan so I can collect on more games that's in my genre.

Sorry Wii U for the Region Lock -_-



GunstarHero234 commented on PS4 Answers the Call of Duty with Next-Gen Foc...:

Jesus another crap COD sigh.........Every time Sledgehammer/Treyarch/Activision say the next one is going to be "new" series which is nothing further the truth but a $60 DLC update lie alas It will be the same BS over and over so people aren't thinking to this "scam" take your thinking caps and put them on please.



GunstarHero234 commented on This Is Why Sony Hasn't Shot the Killzone Fran...:

@Gamer83 Sadly I agree with the BF4 part as many times I gave too many chances for DICE to change back to their roots of the BF1942/BF2 days but it seems that isn't going happen and with them bringing the piece of sh** game that was rushed right out of the gate i'm done with them even with Star Wars Battlefront comes out (oh the horror lol). EA gotten too greedy trying to compete with the COD series which burned me out of the BF series I love because it's nothing but a another COD with tanks nowadays sigh........Now I moved on playing Killzone and now getting ready for Planetside 2 which will be my "new voice for me of an BF teamwork game" so I agree with your opinion BF4 shouldn't had good scores over Killzone SF but because BF4 look flashy and has destruction yeah you can say the reviewers can "easily" ignore the horrible problems the game has am i'm right.



GunstarHero234 commented on Capcom's Strider Reboot Will Cut Your PS4 to P...:

I won't be why first off the "reboot" Killer Instinct sucks ass in my opinion second Double Helix Games is a sorry excuse of a western company that just develop classic/movie games that they either destroy or "reboot" to seem it's "amazing" which turned to **** (Front Mission Evolved BS, Silent Hill Homecoming BS, Freaking........Battleship, Green Lantern BS and hell there more) so i'm not trolling or hating on others that probably wants to buy Strider and I hope you enjoy it just i'm giving a "fair" rant what I think of them and I won't be buying an another game from these clowns ever.