As anticipated late last week, Sony has pulled the cardboard wrapping off a Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes branded PlayStation 4 bundle. The special edition console – which is currently only confirmed for Japan – includes a custom system sporting the FOX Unit logo, a DualShock 4 controller, and a copy of the upcoming prologue, which, incidentally, will run best on the included machine.

As the first limited run hardware, it’s not especially exciting, boasting the abovementioned in-game faction’s emblem and the title’s logo on the removable panel at the top of the device. We suspect that said shiny surface is going to come in handy for future redesigns, as there’s the opportunity to print some more complex patterns in that space. Still, for now this package will set you back ¥46,980 ($462), and can be ordered directly from the platform holder’s store.

There’s no word on the unique design making its way overseas, leading us to believe that it’s probably unlikely at this point in time. Indeed, according to series overlord Hideo Kojima, this option only came together at the very last minute. Are you disappointed by the custom console, or is your import finger itching? Outfox us in the comments section below.