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Fly Free with Soul Sacrifice Delta's Newest Black Rite

Posted by Nicola Hayden

It will cost a leg or two

Life is all about compromise, and you're going to have to make some challenging decisions in Sony's upcoming demon slayer Soul Sacrifice Delta. The revised re-release will include a new Black Rite known as Lucifer, which will force you to forgo long-term manoeuvrability in return for a fancy set of wings. The last ditch special move will at last allow you to feel like the Elven Queen archfiend – if only temporarily.

You'll need the added power in order to deal with some of the game's new faces, too, such as the Chimera. As is the case in classic mythology, this burly warrior is a frightening mess of lion, goat, and snake – though perhaps unlike we've ever seen them before. Other new enemies include the Lizardman, a fire spewing being that closely resembles a corrupt sorcerer. With more pages being added to this twisted tale of human corruption, are you willing to try and save the world again? Leave your postscript in the comments section.


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Edwin_Garcia said:

I am so close to the Platinum on the first game but some of those end game fights are impossible!



Cowboysfan-22 said:

I love the caption under the first picture. "I Believe I Can Fly". My favorite song. Oh, and this game looks awesome



Kayoss said:

b..b..but vita has no games!
I dont know about you guys, but im starting to get a back log of vita games waiting to be played. I just picked up Toukiden. Im still playing Killzone mercernary and Tearaway. Soon FFX and FFX-2 (counts as two games) are coming next month, I dont think i will have enough time to play these games. Now SS delta is coming out too.

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