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This Is One PS4 Box That You Probably Won't Be Seeing on Western Store Shelves

Posted by Sammy Barker

More's the pity

With the PlayStation 4’s launch in Japan now fast approaching, publishers are beginning to reveal the cover art for their release day wares. One such box that slipped through our news net late last year is this one for Yakuza Ishin, which bucks the series’ Eastern trend by adopting a full colour image. Pretty neat, huh?

Despite also deploying on the PlayStation 3, this is arguably the biggest day one title in production for Sony’s next generation super system overseas. Unfortunately, irrespective of the pleas from franchise fans around the world, a localisation is looking unlikely – especially seeing as its historical accomplice Yakuza Kenzan never stepped outside of its native nation.

We suppose that if we keep posting about it enough, a conversion’s always possible. After all, the platform holder’s new third-party division has already identified Toshihiro Nagoshi’s gangster series as one of the most oft-requested by Western gamers. Cross every single appendage that you’ve got for a translation of this.


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