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PlayStation 3

  • JP 22nd Feb 2014
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Yakuza Ishin News

  • News Don't Worry, You'll Be Able to Play Some of Yakuza Ishin

    Japanese demo striking out soon

    Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that a Japanese PlayStation Network account is virtually mandatory if you want to test out some exotic software. And while it’s still unclear whether Yakuza Ishin will actually make its way overseas, at least you’ll be able to use your abovementioned alternate login to play the...

  • News Spot the Difference in This Yakuza Ishin Comparison Video

    Two generations entwined

    Whichever your preferred platform, a Western release of Yakuza Ishin is looking unlikely at this point in time. Nevertheless, with the franchise a niche favourite on these shores, we’re going to continue posting about it in the hope that SEGA sees sense and sends a localisation our way. This brand new video focuses on the...

  • News There's Plenty of Sexy Side Content to Skewer in Yakuza Ishin

    A night on the town

    The Yakuza franchise has always boasted a large number of quirky, often crazy side activities to keep you entertained when you're not busy beating thugs into bloody pulps, and thankfully, the series' latest samurai spin-off Yakuza Ishin is just as laden with opportunities to turn that gritty frown upside down. According to the...

  • News Japanese PS4 Launch Title Yakuza Ishin Draws Its Sword

    Slice and dice

    There’s more cheesy rock music in this brand new trailer for Japanese PlayStation 4 launch title Yakuza Ishin than you could shake a samurai sword at. The lengthy cinematic clip – which splices together copious cut-scenes from the full game – shows various series favourites in their alternate history roles. That isn’t seasoned...

  • TGS 2013 Forget Farming Simulator, You'll Be Able to Grow Crops in Yakuza Ishin

    Spice of life

    As thoroughly satisfied as we are with the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup, we’re a teensy bit jealous that Japan gets to enjoy Yakuza Ishin alongside the console. The historical sequel – which will almost certainly never get localised –


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About The Game

Historical entry in the Yakuza franchise.