The immediate PlayStation 4 release schedule may look slimmer than the sharp end of Strider Hiryu’s sword, but that may be because developers are keeping their wares under wraps a lot longer these days. Take the upcoming Strider reboot in production at Silent Hill Homecoming developer Double Helix Games, which is set to take a surprise stab at the next generation console as soon as next month.

While the legendary Kouichi ‘Isuke’ Yotsui may not be at the helm, the creator of the original arcade game has given his blessing to this re-telling. And just like in the aforementioned classic, you’ll be sprinting through the futuristic districts of Kazakh City in search of the elaborately named villain Grandmaster Meio. The primary twist here is that the title will adopt a Metroidvania-esque structure enabled by the protagonist’s upgraded Cypher.

Unlike previous entries, you’ll be able to cycle the supercharged sword through a catalogue of different guises, each augmenting unique abilities. These will range from the heat emitting Explosive Cypher through to the bright and breezy Cold Cypher. Employing these different options will not only add variety to the title’s combat, but will also allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas as you progress.

Perhaps unsurprisingly to those familiar with the original, the next generation iteration will play at a blistering speed, too. The independent outfit constructing the re-release promises that the title will run in 1080p at 60 frames-per-second on Sony’s new system – and it will boast a bevy of visual effects to boot. Furthermore, a recent hands-on published over on the PlayStation Blog promises that the frenetic action really feels at home on the DualShock 4.

A specific date has yet to be pinned down by Capcom, but with a February release window confirmed, this should help to drag you through the emerging next-gen drought. It may not have the property’s original talent at its helm, but with the publisher’s Osaka studio helping out, and Double Helix Games proving that it’s pretty good at the whole reboot thing, there’s a reason to be hopeful yet. Will you be unsheathing your elongated rapier for this re-release? Fall on your sword in the comments section below.