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You'll Be Playing Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes from 18th March

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sneaking into sight

Were you worried that Konami’s upcoming stealth sequel prologue Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes may take an age to deploy on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4? You can put those concerns to bed, as developer Kojima Productions has nonchalantly confirmed on the Xbox Wire – yes, we know – that you’ll be playing the release from 18th March in North America. That’s really not that far away.

Outspoken director Hideo Kojima has described the release as being similar to the pre-title sequence in a Hollywood movie, as it will build directly into the plot of proper sequel Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Of course, you usually get the abovementioned introduction as part of a single cinema ticket. It’s still not exactly clear how much content this standalone purchase will actually contain.

Those of you that snag the PlayStation version of the game will unlock a bonus mission featuring Snake’s original PSone skin. Xbox owners, meanwhile, will unlock the slightly more interesting Raiden add-on. Hopefully, the extras will be made available to fans of both brands in the future, as it seems a little ridiculous to lock the content out – especially considering that this title is on shaky ground already. Will you be adding the release to your inventory? Come out of your cardboard box in the comments section below.


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ivanmata said:

I don't like that the PS4 version will be download only, I want to have the physical copy of Ground Zeroes in my PS4 too! I'm sure the Phantom Pain will have a PS4 physical copy, well, at least that's what I hope...



DoublezZ01 said:

Sweet, 2 action games in the same week, will be picking this and InFAMOUS SECOND SON 3 days later!



charlesnarles said:

How much will it cost us, Kojima? I'm a life-long MGS fan, so it hurts when we have to pay for lil teasers



Shaolin said:

MGS was my favourite game series on PlayStation until I played Uncharted 2 which in my opinion is still the best adventure game I've ever played. I am extremely intrigued by the new direction MGS is headed in so count me in for this.

The bonus mission exclusivity doesn't bother me too much at all because I'm sure that the lion's share of fun and enjoyment will be coming from the main game itself. Yes, perhaps the Raiden mission does sound a bit more interesting than PSone skin but I've got to feel sympathy for the Xbox gamers who never got to play MGS1 or MGS4 so these things tend to all balance out at end of the day.



SuperSilverback said:

£20 for Digital or £30 for retail on ps3. This "Demo" would need to be 8 hours or more to cost that much! I love MGS, but no why am i paying £20-£30 for a 1-2 hour demo.



JaxonH said:

Ok, so I tried playing Twin Snakes back on the Gamecube, and was horrible at it. But I gave it another go with MGS3 Snake Eater, and once again, I was horrible at it. And then, when I got my PS3 at launch, I went ahead and grabbed MGS4, and was horrible at it. This is when I conceded the fact that I suck at stealth games.

Ok, fast forward 6 years, to the release of Splinter Cell Blacklist. At first, I couldn't even get past the tutorial mission, on EASY mode at that lol. Was about to give up, but then it clicked all of a sudden. I went on to beat that game a few months ago, and while I was no guru, I certainly didn't suck. This has renewed my faith in my stealth abilities. Perhaps I just need to approach these games differently.

So here I am. Debating whether I should buy MGS5 and give the franchise one final go, or whether I should call Splinter Cell a fluke and pass this one by...

Has anyone else had difficulty with this franchise, only to overcome it with practice?

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