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You'll Be Able to Play Critically Acclaimed PS3 Games on PS4 with Gaikai

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cloudy with a chance of content

Sony may have whipped backward compatibility out of the PlayStation 4, but you’ll be able to enjoy some of the PlayStation 3’s best titles on the next generation console next year courtesy of streaming service Gaikai. Siliconera reports that the platform holder intends to make a slew of “critically acclaimed” current generation games available in the cloud, which you’ll be able to access on-demand.

Sadly, there’s still no firm time-frame attached to the launch. A recent article speculated that the technology will go into beta early next year in North America, ahead of a full launch in the third quarter. Due to infrastructure challenges overseas, though, the online platform may not arrive in Europe until 2015. The company’s supposedly focusing on the PS4 for now, but compatibility will be added to the Vita over time.

“Our goal is to be able to have a new form of game distribution streamed from the server side, initially to PS4 consoles [and] then gradually moving that out to the Vita,” group president Andrew House revealed. “Eventually, the endgame is to have this available on a multitude of network-connected devices, essentially delivering a console-quality gaming experience on devices which are not innately capable of doing that.”

It’s clear that Sony sees a future in which the PlayStation brand exists as not just a box under your television, but as an application on your smartphone, tablet, and, potentially, fridge freezer. The big question is: are you attracted to this idea of games living everywhere in the cloud, or are you worried that it will rain on the traditional console model’s parade? Put up an umbrella in the comments section below.


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k_andersen said:

@Bliquid I think Sony's pitch for Gaikai streaming should have just been Yoshida sitting on a stool in a blank room saying "Last of Us on your OLED Vita!"

Goodness knows that would have sold me instantly.



SuperFly13 said:

I only hope they let you download the game and play it for free by inserting the PS3 disc. I don't want to have to pay for the games that I have already bought.



XavandSo said:

Indeed. It would be horrid for that to happen, many of us would be so cheated.

Wasn't Gaikai streaming also meant to come for the PlayStation 3 at some point too? Or was it canned?



get2sammyb said:

@XavandSo @SuperFly13 I don't think that will happen, because there are costs incurred by streaming the game. It just wouldn't be cost-effective. While this is being pitched as a solution to backward compatibility, it isn't really...



XavandSo said:

But we are still paying for PS+ so shouldn't it included? Either that or at least charge us monthly/yearly to be able to use our discs on top of Plus.



Cowboysfan-22 said:

I like the monthly charge idea. Let it be like netflix. One cheap charge per month and everybody will be happy. I wonder if we'll be able to play online multiplayer through Gaikai if it's being streamed. I'd love to play CODMW2 on PS4



get2sammyb said:

@XavandSo You're paying for the Instant Game Collection and (presumably) server maintenance with PS Plus, though. Gaikai is going to carry its own set of costs. We'll have to wait and see. Sony has been pretty pro-consumer lately, so let's see what model they come up with. I imagine Plus owners will get a discount at least. It's just not feasible for Sony to allow you to stream hundreds of GB of data for free, though.



rjejr said:

@k_andersen - But dind't the new slim Vita's drop OLED or LCD? I know you guys were just messing around, but they can't go around dissing their own new hardware.

PS2 games? I still have a very large collection but no way to play them



Tasuki said:

This is great news for someone like me who went the 360 route last gen and missed out on a bunch of the PS3 gems like Last of Us and a few others.



Bliquid said:

I think it's fair and acceptable on Sony's part to ask an additional fee for Gaikai, and it would be wise of them to offer free trial of the service for a couple of rotating titles, in a PS Plus-ish way.

Regardless, i'm in Europe.
My grandson will tell me if the service is worth the penny.
While my head floats in a jar Futurama style.



Carl-G said:

Can't SONY make another version of the PS4 that cost more(& keep the version that is out now of course for people who don't care for B/C) & it could play PS1 & PS2 & PS3 discs?(& play downloaded PS3 PSN Games to) I would pay at least £500 for 1!

  • I don't really want to rely on the internet/streaming to play old PS Games really :-/


Cloud7794 said:

@Carl-G Because that would be the price everyone knew the PS4 for. Sure they have their $399 original one, but if they released a $499 "enhanced" one with BC and all that, that would be the one everyone talks about/makes comparisons with. It'd no longer be that $100 cheaper console in many people's eyes.

@get2sammyb We already know that, at the very least, PS4 can detect what PS3 games are in it. The upgrade program kinda already showed us that. I would, at the very least, like them to reduce the price of the game dramatically (aka only charge us for the streaming cost, not the game) if we A) Bought the game on PSN. or B) Have the game disc in the system. They could also make it where if you go with option B, you can't play the game without inserting the disc, or if you do want to play it without the disc, THEN you have to pay more for it.

I hope I made sense there @_@



ThreadShadow said:

Well, you won't be playing them, but a robot will. A robot you'll be starring at over a poor web cam stream while it plays the game you chose, and pressing buttons on your controller sends only mild suggestions to the robot on which buttons to press.



charlesnarles said:

I'd like ps3 games smoothed out a little by a ps4. It'd be like ps2 games on 3 running at a noticeably smoother frame rate but with ps4's AA. I'd love a firmware update to let ps3 discs play directly, or less preferably, allow access to streaming for Plus members. I'm sure this echoes other posts but that just means they should listen and do it that way. I'm also very behind their choosing NA for the first trial



Paranoimia said:

@charlesnarles You can't update PS4 to play PS3 by a firmware update - the hardware is completely different, and while the PS4 is powerful, it isn't enough of a jump to emulate a PS3 in software.



charlesnarles said:

@Paranoimia why couldn't it emulate a 256mb set with 8gb set? I know the architecture is different but I still fail to see why it couldn't emulate it better than the hardware itself



Paranoimia said:

@charlesnarles It's not all about the memory. It's about raw power. The cell is a very powerful chip, and also quite complex. Remember, it blasted through [email protected] data faster than many PC graphics cards. Emulation through software is very processor intensive. You're running the native system OS, the emulated OS, and the game within that emulated OS. Everything takes that much longer to process.

Could it be done? Maybe, in time. But like the current emulation of PS2 games on PS3, you'll probably have to buy them again from the store, rather than being able play them from discs you already have.

But if they're planning to offer PS3 games via Gaikai as a subscription service, they might not bother.

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