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The Order: 1886 Will Take Some Inspiration from God of War

Posted by Sammy Barker

Mixing things up with melee

The appearance of oversized steampunk weapons in The Order: 1886’s debut trailer may have disappointed some of you, but developer Ready at Dawn is not aiming to produce a cookie-cutter third-person shooter. Speaking with EDGE magazine, the company has hinted that it doesn’t want to bore players with lengthy gunplay sequences – and so it’s hoping to mix things up with melee.

Having built both God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, the studio knows its way around a character action game or two, so it’s exciting that it’s targeting this area in its alternate history exclusive. “Shooters have a tendency to be very light or canned on melee,” creative director Ru Weerasuriya told the publication. “We wanted to find new ways of introducing it that would keep you feeling [like] you were in a shooter that’s evolved into something else.”

He continued: “It started with us trying to figure out how we balance the two, shooter and melee, but then it evolved into us making this shooter with different melee systems.” Of course, exactly how this unique fusion will work remains unknown outside of the outfit, as we’re still yet to see any direct feed footage of the release in action. Let’s hope that the title will step out of its time machine soon.


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HandandInternet said:

Not sure if this was mentioned before today but 3rd person shooters have a very set play style, I would have hoped this was 1st person, kinda lost interest. I'd like to be surprised though.



HandandInternet said:

@ReigningSemtex NOT the point, many games suit FPS because of the nature this is a shooter/survival from what I can tell. You wouldn't play Amnesia or Evil Within in 3rd person.



cherrypoppa said:

Melee and gun combat worked sweet in Uncharted 3 so this game could be great. P.S. we do not need anymore 1st person shooters, when creating a new ip that would surely be game suicide!!



SuperSilverback said:

I hope there is a hidden GOW easter in egg in the game. Like The Blades Of Chaos or something. T'would be magical



-CraZed- said:

Not sure how anyone's interest would drop at this info. I am even more jazzed about the game knowing there will be some other combat mechanics beside shooting everything in sight. Lets just hope it is some kind of canned thrown in feature that can only be used on certain levels.

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