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PS4 Christmas Bundles In Stock at Zavvi in the UK

Posted by Sammy Barker

Available for a pretty penny

Are you hoping to get a PlayStation 4 before Christmas? The consoles are becoming scarcer than fairy dust, but UK retailer Zavvi has the system in stock right now – assuming that you’re willing to pay a premium for the privilege of spending your holidays with the Helghast. Available for the paltry sum of £719.99, you’ll be able to score a Killzone: Shadow Fall hardware bundle, an additional DualShock 4 controller, copies of Just Dance 2014 and NBA Live 14, a £25 PlayStation Network voucher, and a 3G compatible PlayStation Vita.

Assuming that you want all of the extras, it’s not a terrible deal. Purchased individually, this little lot would set you back around £750, so there’s definitely a saving here. However, it’s a huge chunk of change to drop in one go – and it’s clear that the online store’s holding consumers at ransom given the demand surrounding the next generation console. Are you willing to stump up such an extortionate sum in order to secure a system this Christmas, or are you happy to wait until the New Year? Dust down your wallet and try to smile in the comments section below.


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AlexStinton said:

I thought the forced GAME bundles were bad enough but this is something else. The number of consumers that would be picking up this mix of items is ridiculously small. That said if you don't own a Vita you should : )



Grockumus said:

For all the time between the announcement and the actual day of release, I thought I was an idiot for giving in to the hype of pre-ordering a PS4. There were a lot of times where I was going to cancel the pre-order because I thought I was just being an impulsive fool, but now I'm so glad I didn't. The hype really was there. And it's so great to not have to pay $700+ for one on eBay!



Farmboy74 said:

The cheaper way to do that type of bundle, would be try and get hold of the PS4 Mega Bundle (Player Edition) and buy the Vita separate on Amazon or Argos for around £140 - £150 total expenditure £600. Still a huge chunk of money though.



Tintin said:

I dealt with Zavvi once and never again. The game was promised that week, one week later my game hadn't even been dispatched. I really wanted the game it was "Williams Pinball Classics". Went back on the site and cancelled my order so I could buy it down town, I even rang them and yes it was cancelled. Next day after I bought it down town my order was mysteriously un-cancelled and was dispatched. Game arrived 3 weeks late even though I cancelled it but they decided they weren't having that, so much for consumer rights. The worst online experience I ever had and hopefully the last bad experience I'll have, touch wood.

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