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Wed 13th Nov 2013

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AlexStinton commented on Review: Rebel Galaxy (PS4):

@Diskach Nope, I reviewed the PlayStation 4 version. I'm afraid I can't comment as to why the screenshots are for another version of the game as I have absolutely no idea.



AlexStinton commented on Game of the Year: Alex's Personal PlayStation ...:

When I settled on my top five PlayStation games it felt like I'd come up with the least contraversial list ever.

Damn, were these good games though. Hopefully 2016 will be just as enjoyable.

@themcnoisy Thanks! Someone had to draw the enemy fire. I think I was pretty good at dying over and over again.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege (PS4):

Thanks for the positive feedback on the review everyone!

@themcnoisy Not having people with mics makes coordination a little more difficult, though I still enjoyed playing with silent teams quite a bit.

Also, sorry to ruin your excellent joke, but Rainbow Six is the designation of the Director of Rainbow and not how many of them there are

This Tom Clancy knowledge bomb was brought to you by a misspent youth reading his novels



AlexStinton commented on Hands On: Has Just Cause 3 on PS4 Blown Us Away?:

There's something really funny going on with the loading times. It looks like the longer you play the worse they get.

I played for about three hours this evening and when I started load times were less than 30 seconds (I was beginning to question what I'd written about them), but when I finished reloading a challenge event took over five minutes!



AlexStinton commented on Push Scare: Why the Abysmal Zombeer Has Change...:

@Ghouldude Firstly, welcome to the site. It's always nice to see new members of the community leaving comments.

I'm glad you enjoyed playing Zombeer on PC, but my biggest problem with the game - its crass and unfunny humour - can't be fixed by jumping to another platform.

I'm a hugely positive gamer, always looking for the good in anything I play, but I just couldn't see anything but a steaming pile of garbage after finishing Zombeer.

Also the 87% user approval rating on Steam is just mind boggling, and if that's food for thought, then the 32 it has on Metacritic for both PC and PS3 must be as well.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Mad Max (PS4):

@SteveoKenobi That's true. I made sure I had the clean-up crews, and a few other projects built at the strongholds, however the scrap they generated wasn't enough - in my opinion - to avoid having to scavenge yourself if you wanted some of the better kit.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Mad Max (PS4):

@themcnoisy If you don't like the Batman combat then this certainly won't be for you.
Not sure if we need more games like The Order: 1886 though! It's the poster child for repetitive gameplay.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (PS4):

@Jocinetu @sinalefa Split screen would be a pretty good addition to the Payday 2.

I wonder if there's some technical limitation stopping them from doing it, especially when you consider that Starbreeze / Overkill have been pretty open at the compromises they would've had to make to reach 1080p / 60fps.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (PS4):

@Anchorsam_9 I had no issues with the netcode, however the AI still isn't very smart at all. When it comes to the police that's perfectly ok since they're fodder, but if you have any AI bots on your side they might as well not be there at all.

This means you really need to play with other players to get any enjoyment out of Payday 2.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Zombie Army Trilogy (PlayStation 4):

@Elblanto I spent most of my time playing in co-op and you should be getting the trophies for completing a chapter whether you're the host or not.

That said, you're correct in assuming that the player who makes the killing shot is the one who claims the kill. Anyone else who deals damage before that point gets nothing.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (PlaySt...:

@fchinaski You're right, there's no explicit hatred of women to be found In Duke Nukem 3D, but everything else about him shows the textbook signs of misogyny.

I can conceded that I'm filling in some gaps based on how my own perception of Duke has evolved over the years, but he's such a paper thin, one-dimensional character, I think this is only natural, and makes both our positions valid assessments.

In the review, I'm stating my own feelings towards Duke's persona, I certainly don't think he corrupted the youth back then, or would be able to do so today, but I'm not quite able to make my peace with this aspect of the game, no matter how tame it seems today.

I also don't really see anything wrong with how either you, or @SuperCat feel about it either. I just can't join you on that side of the fence I'm afraid.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (PlaySt...:

@SuperCat I hope you were shooting for a well put together parody comment, but if not.........

Do you not think his objectification of women, and the fact he talks about them like they're property - "Nobody steals our chicks and lives" - might stem from a teensy bit of hatred? His mother held him too much? Or not enough? You pick.

Anyway, I didn't want to make this the focus of the review as I really like Duke Nukem 3D for the game it is. It's a shame that in the years since the original release, I grew up, and in my eyes Duke Nukem went from being the ultimate anti-hero, to the sort guy who props up the bar and won't stop hitting on anything with a pulse. This isn't Duke Nukem 3D's fault though, It was from a different time, and so was the version of me that found it hilarious.

That said, if we're still attempting to call this parody, then it only succeeds in being the laziest sort. In my books, scattering around some scantily clad women, while stealing lines wholesale from a number of films, falls well short of my bar for a decent parody.

Also, there's no way you can argue after Duke Nukem Forever that developer 3D Realms were ever self aware.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Far Cry 4 (PlayStation 4):

@Bad-MuthaAdebis While the map in reality isn't any bigger than Far Cry 3, it's much more densely packed with things for the player to do, so feels like an improvement.

In terms of Shangri-La, I don't think you could view it's representation in Far Cry 4 as anything other than a myth come to life. Besides, didn't the name originally come from a work of fiction?

In the end of the day if you look far enough back, I'm sure you could find a real life location that might have been the genesis for todays legend, and If that place is anything like in Far Cry 4, then I'm heading there right now so I can reunite with my tiger!



AlexStinton commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@get2sammyb It just feels wrong. The cars drive like you're not connected to the ground and what should feel exhilarating in this sort of game - such as jumping over stuff, is just ..........meh.

This is a change of outlook for me as I thought it was good when I played it EGX, but now I'm seriously concerned. The structure of the game is interesting but when the fundamentals are so wrong it's not looking positive.