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Wed 13th Nov 2013

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AlexStinton commented on Review: Overwatch (PS4):

@Tasuki Yeah, Widowmaker is great for removing them, until you've got four or more Torbjorns throwing down all at once that is

It only seems to be an issue on certain parts of specific maps where there aren't any long range sight lines for Widowmaker to do her thing.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Overwatch (PS4):

@xMEADx I was saying exactly the same thing about Torbjorn last night!

I wouldn't be surprised to see his turrets get nerfed in the next patch.That said, maybe the strategy for dealing with a team packed with Torbjorns hasn't been found yet. After all it seems like everyone worked out how to deal with Bastion.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Invisible, Inc. (PS4):

@themcnoisy I've not played Alienation, but both R&C and Invisible, Inc. represent excellent entries in their respective genres. I guess the decision comes down to which type of game you ultimately prefer.

There are archived live streams of both on the Push Square YouTube channel if you've not seen them already.



AlexStinton commented on And Here's Battleborn's PS4 Launch Trailer:

@Yaster If you think this news post was specifically designed to appease 2K/Gearbox, or is purely a stealth ad, then it's doing a pretty poor job as either.

Besides, any video content that comes from a publisher is an advert of some kind at the end of the day, even if it's our choice alone if it's posted or not, but lets not open up that can of worms.

Finally, the "plastered in ads" bit of my post was also part of the joke about a nightmare situation where I'm parading around in sponsored underwear. Believe me, no one here wants that. .



AlexStinton commented on And Here's Battleborn's PS4 Launch Trailer:

@Grawlog Just to be clear the positivity about SMITE on Push Square has been completely driven by me.

This is nothing new, I've been banging on about it since I started playing SMITE on Xbox One last year, and I've been dying for it to come to PS4 ever since. In fact if you read any of our weekend pieces there are numerous instances where I talk about playing it.

My guide and live streams on SMITE come purely from my enjoyment of the game, not any promotional activity on the site. There's no faking here, and Sammy's view on Battleborn - whether you agree with them or not - are just another example of that.

As @get2sammyb said, I'll be reviewing Battleborn, and you can be assured that I will be giving you my honest opinion whether good or bad, even if the site's plastered with ads, and I've been issued with Battleborn branded Y-fronts.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Ratchet & Clank (PS4):

If by any chance you're interested in seeing Ratchet & Clank being played semi-competently, I'll be live streaming the first hour or so on our YouTube channel at 10:00pm BST.




AlexStinton commented on Borderlands Dev's Battleborn Beta Will Begin 8...:

@TheMightyPunram @Grawlog Did someone mention Smite? Didn't you know that if you write it three times I appear?

All this talk of divergent viewpoints is amusing given that earlier today I told @get2sammyb how I was interested to see how Battleborn turned out, and he turned around and made fun of me!

Anyhow, it's these differing interests that make Push Square so great and not an echo chamber for the same opinions.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Far Cry Primal (PS4):

@DerMeister Thanks!

You're right, there aren't many games that use the Stone Age as a setting, and certainly not in a series like Far Cry.

I would love to see - just for giggles - a bombastic, over the top Call of Duty game in this era.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Far Cry Primal (PS4):

@Comrade44 Imagine a drone that can mark the position of enemies, drop bombs packed full of bees, or even swoop down to kill unsuspecting enemies. Now imagine that drone is actually an owl.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Far Cry Primal (PS4):

@tenderbeefcake The armoured guys can take a lot more punishment compared to the more common enemies, but you can take them down stealthily once you unlock the right skill.

In fact, all of the stealth takedowns are exactly the same as Far Cry 4, which is a little disappointing.



AlexStinton commented on Review: Rebel Galaxy (PS4):

@Diskach Nope, I reviewed the PlayStation 4 version. I'm afraid I can't comment as to why the screenshots are for another version of the game as I have absolutely no idea.