Microsoft may have shifted the Xbox One’s messaging away from media functionality a touch after the backlash that it received following the format’s unveiling back in May, but that HDMI input still exists on the rear of the device. Mainly designed to allow you to overlay the next generation console’s interface on top of television shows and such, the system will also enable you to do some pretty strange stuff – like connect it to a PlayStation 4.

“Um, you could,” said a flustered Jeff Henshaw when asked the inevitable question by the Penny-Arcade Report. “If it puts out HDMI, it’ll work just great.” The performance won’t be flawless, as including the additional hardware will incorporate some additional lag – but according to the Microsoft man, this will be so small that it will be impossible for the eye to perceive. So yes, you’ll be able to play Killzone: Shadow Fall via the Xbox One, while employing all of that ambitious ‘Snap’ functionality that the Redmond-based manufacturer’s built into its machine.

Personally, we’re not entirely seeing the appeal of splicing our television into a dozen different pieces, but perhaps it’s something that you need to try before realising its true potential. Regardless, we daresay that those of you buying both consoles this Christmas will be desperate to, er, navigate the PS4’s user interface inside the Xbox One’s user interface. Pretty weird, huh?