Refreshingly, the PlayStation Network hasn’t crashed quite as badly as we expected it to. We were anticipating reports of Grand Theft Auto Online-esque outages to emerge overnight, but it seems that North America has managed to traverse the PlayStation 4’s launch relatively unscathed. That’s not to say that there aren’t issues being prompted by last night’s next generation release – but they’re not nearly as prolific as we’d expected.

Error codes being reported at the present appear to span ‘E-80E80034’ and ‘NW-31453-6’, and pertain to old-fashioned server load. “If you're getting a network error on the PS4, please sit tight,” explained the Ask PlayStation help desk. “As you can imagine, we're seeing heavy traffic tonight.” If these problems are preventing you from grabbing the platform’s day one update, then don’t forget that you can download it to a USB stick via a computer or laptop.

The manufacturer has created a support thread dedicated to providing updates on any outages. At the time of writing, the advice is to just wait – though it doesn’t seem like everyone is being affected by the downtime. It might be worth stepping away from your shiny new console for a few minutes and trying again a little later on if you are having problems, as you may find that you're able to login first time after a little pause. Have you managed to access the PlayStation Network, or are you getting error messages? Pull the plug in the comments section below.