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PS4 Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall's Launch Trailer Will Blow You Away

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Did you see that?!

In need of that extra injection of pure hype in preparation for the PlayStation 4's launch in North America later this week? If so, look no further than this rather stunning trailer for launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall.

We've known for months now that the sci-fi shooter will be a visual treat, but this video really blows away any remaining scepticism. Featuring numerous set-pieces – most of which typically include huge explosions and crumbling environments – it's hard not to be left impressed by what developer Guerrilla Games has accomplished here.

It's no secret that we absolutely can't wait to gun down Higs on Sony's next generation machine – but what about you? Will you be locking and loading the exclusive first-person shooter on launch day? Detonate your opinion in the comments section below.

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banacheck said:

It truly looks stunning i'll be dropping everything to have my head blown away by Killzone4, my other next gen games AC4, BF4 & COD Ghosts which i'm upgrading to the PS4 version. There is also PSN games to play, i have a backlog before 29/11 even begins.



HandandInternet said:

My laptop is struggling to play the video smoothly. I can't wait until I can afford a PS4 myself.



TosserHan said:

PS4 3 days and counting so i can play this till i blackout for lack of sleep.



Cowboysfan-22 said:

Can we get an oculus rift soon please! This looks so amazing I might actually think I'm in that world. Who needs reality?

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