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PS4 Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall Works Like Magic with Remote Play

Posted by Sammy Barker

Casting a spell

Unless you’re already a Nintendo Wii U owner, then you’ll no doubt be impressed by the Remote Play demonstration embedded below. The footage shows PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall being played on a PlayStation Vita, with a television in the background highlighting just how little lag is incorporated by switching to the handheld.

While the video itself isn’t especially clear, there appears to be little more than one frame of difference between the portable and the display. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell how much delay the television itself is incorporating, but this appears more than manageable for the majority of genres. Of course, there are a variety of other factors – such as distance and Internet speed – which may impede your experience at home.

Nevertheless, after several months of scepticism, it seems that Sony’s hotly anticipated Remote Play functionality may be about to prove cynics wrong. Are you planning to take advantage of this feature? Which PS4 games are you most looking forward to playing via the pocketable platform? Stream some thoughts in the comments section below.


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Ryno said:

Cool for PS4 and Vita owners. I have a Wii U and really like having the remote play option.



Sanquine said:

This is a nice feature. Sony needed to deliver after almost no ps3 game was playable on vita. Now every game can do this:D :D



hamispink said:

This is great. Remote play won't be of much use to me until May (I'm living in a dorm) but come graduation I'll be getting an apartment and having a vita tv (hopefully by then in the U.S.) to stream ps4 to in my bedroom will be ace!




I think the main difference in Remote Play on PS4 to PS3 is that (like the WiiU) the Vita connects to the PS4 directly, where previously on PS3 the connection was made over your local network.



eLarkos said:

Still not convinced. Im really looking forward to PushSquares Remote play review (im assuming you will have one).



InsertNameHere said:

@eLarkos There are at least 5 or 6 videos showcasing Remote Play and you're still not convinced? Do you expect to be able to use it from the moon?



eLarkos said:

@Sanquine This video shows probably the most highly polished first-party title on PS4, running in what looks like ultimate conditions.

As much as everyone else im really hoping remote play is as great as sony says. Im just a little sceptical (and rightly so) due to previous experience with tech.

We will all see once its out in the wild, but as much as you guys seem to think that its daft that Im still dubious, I think its daft that you believe all that is shown to you before you try it yourself.

Here's hoping my scepticism is unwarranted and we can all play happily tucked into our beds



eLarkos said:

@Lelouch haha. Well im definitely not expecting to be able to play Knack from my school cafeteria (or wherever that was in the Japan Promo). Benefits of living in a Japanese CBD i guess.



Sanquine said:

@eLarkos Skeptical is a good thing! After the playstation 3 remote play. I think with a great wifi connection i can be play anywhere ( At my home i have connection of 100 Mbps ....). But you are right:D

Has japan that great connections?



belmont said:

I read that after you pair the Vita with the PS4 you can remote play locally a la Wii U with no need for a router. If this is the case this would be a selling point for me.

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