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Activision Spin Kicks Crash Bandicoot Off Its Website

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony suggests that it hasn't acquired the character, though

You may have thought that we were high on Wumpa Fruit when we recently reported that Crash Bandicoot could be making a comeback on the PlayStation 4, but Activision has added more fuel to the throwback fire by removing any references to the PSone mascot from its official website. For those out of the loop, the Call of Duty publisher actually owns the rights to the character – but strong rumours suggest that Sony may have bought the license back.

A quick search for the star on the aforementioned company’s homepage sucks up zero results, while the property’s primary domain resolves on an old Sierra branded website. The timing of the outspoken protagonist’s removal is especially interesting, seeing as a recent PS4 commercial hinted that the hero had been reacquired by the platform holder. Unfortunately, if that’s the case, the Japanese giant’s wearing its very best poker face.

Chiming in on the speculation overnight, PlayStation developer and publisher relations executive Adam Boyes suggested that Activision still owns the intellectual property. It wouldn’t be the first time that the company’s lied to maintain a surprise, but we suspect that the suit would have avoided commenting on this topic at all if the character really was making a comeback. Nevertheless, we hope that the excitement surrounding the rumours has encouraged the company to consider buying the brand. After all, it’s been five years since the hero last stretched his spindly legs.


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Grockumus said:

I'd scream with joy if there was a Crash Bandicoot game revealed for PS4!



rastamadeus said:

It was me. Bought him for 1p and took him off into the woods to put him to rest next to Bubsy, Zool and others...



8vpiper said:

Now they need to do the "you are not ready" ads and promotion if they are brining it back.



rastamadeus said:

@rawr1234 Ah, so nice having my own troll. Makes me realise how pathetic some fanboys are. Really have a problem with people having opinions different to yours and being able to express them in ways other than "I think Sony is best so Sony is clearly best," don't you?

In all seriousness, something my admirer above - notice you've edited a load of swearing on here Sammy so hope his will be too? - is unable to grasp, I would likely be interested in this game provided it's done as a platformer. That doesn't mean mini-game collection, ala the recent Sly Cooper games. Personally I hope they give us a mask to cover Crash's stupid gurning face too. His games have been ok (in my opinion) it's just him, can't stand him as a character.



acdramon said:

Activision saying "No comment" is extremely weird. They aren't the type of company to dance around owning an IP, so that does show promise.



mattyDawson said:

It'll be interesting to see which direction Crash is taken over 10 years after the last ND iteration. Will they stay true to their roots, or evolve the game in a way that only ND can?



Spidernoir said:

@rastamadeus While the last thing was a bit of what.. (You're not SUPPOSED to like how Crash looks, it's why they made him look like a whatever he is).

I actually agree, the last few Crash Games have been, well there's no word to describe how terrible they've been, atrocious is the closest.

Hopefully if they did get him back they go back his platforming roots.

I'm more or less the same towards crash games, they are good just not something I get nostalgic over.



rastamadeus said:

@Sanquine I like him swearing at me to be honest. Shows the intelligence of a person if you can't actually argue, just insult. I may not like things but at least I can explain why/how.

@spidernoir Is that right? Never knew that. If so then Naughty Dog did an excellent job as there is no-one in the world (besides Cheryl Cole) I would like to hit more than Crash bleedin' Bandicoot.



Gamer83 said:

I was a big fan of ND's Crash games, wouldn't mind seeing Sony try a last-ditch effort to revive the series. Honestly I'm not sure it could go worse than Activision's efforts did.

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