Fallout Push Square

The PS5 version of Fallout 4 should now be available to all PS Plus members no matter how you first claimed the game, as Bethesda has confirmed the edition provided by the now defunct PS Plus Collection will offer the free upgrade. There were some initial issues surrounding PS Plus Extra users gaining access, which were the first to be resolved, and now it won't block those who redeemed the RPG through the PS Plus Collection either.

If you navigate to the Fallout 4 PS5 version on the PS Store, you should now be able to download the game. Note that only the base game was offered with the PS5 launch offer Sony provided to PS Plus subscribers, so you'll need to buy the DLC if you want it. The Far Harbor expansion is considered some of the best content in the game.

"Thanks for letting us know that some PS Plus subscribers have been unable to access the free next gen update of Fallout 4 on PlayStation," said the Bethesda Twitter account. "This issue has now been successfully resolved. Subscribers who have previously received Fallout 4 from the PlayStation Plus Collection should now be able to access the update as intended."

We published our Fallout 4 PS5 review yesterday, noting how engaging its open world design continues to be almost a decade later. "Fallout 4's core gameplay loop is still enough to hold everything together, even if the surrounding adventure is really showing its age, almost a decade after its initial release. A smooth 60fps performance mode is exactly what a lot of returning players will have wanted, and there's still fun to be had in roaming post-apocalyptic Boston — especially with the timeless V.A.T.S. system at the ready."

Were you one of the unlucky ones made to wait until last for the PS Plus Collection version to offer the upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.

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