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Killzone: Shadow Fall's Story Trailer Will Turn Your Eyes Red

Posted by Robert Ramsey

For Helghan

Following on from yesterday's juicy slice of information regarding the length of Killzone: Shadow Fall's single player campaign comes this rather harrowing story trailer for the next generation shooter.

Almost instantly, the tone that the video sets is different to what we've seen from the franchise before. When former lead characters Sev and Rico were employed to give trailers a serious edge, things almost always ended up looking cheesy. There may still be a touch of that here, but this clip certainly ends up giving off a mature, intriguing vibe, and has us genuinely interested as to where the Dutch developer is taking the narrative.

Strap on your goggles and gaze at the embedded trailer, then pledge your allegiance to Helghan in the comments below.

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Sanquine said:

Finally, a shooter with a good backstory. Killzone 3 story was lacking... Hopefully this game has more story. The more background information about the helghast the better.



InsertNameHere said:

If the full game gives off the same vibe as this trailer, then it's almost guaranteed to be a hit. Guerrilla really seems to be taking things up a notch this time around and I'm glad they are.



longshot28 said:

So excited! This and I just read Article in Game Informer about The Order.... PS4 is gonna kill it this gen.



Kenshin0104 said:

True next gen here man im so excited
i think the ps4 is going to make me fail my classes this semester since finals are right after november =(



Lopezdm said:

AAAAAAnd with that I have bought my 3rd PS4 game. COD: Ghosts, Lego Marvel, and now Shadow Fall. Amazing Xmas this year.



Lopezdm said:

@Kenshin0104 I have mine around the same time. It's going to be hard but wait until winter break. Then.... its on like donkey kong!



Lopezdm said:

@Sanquine This is the reason I am buying it. I have never played a Killzone game before. I found them a little muddy and unappealing. They have defiantly changed my mind.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

I'm much as excited as the next guy on here I see this Killzone being as much successful as the rest of the series. And for PS4 "My Body is Ready".



odd69 said:

I think the series is heading in the right direction, i may just get it,despite not enjoying the previous killzone games



Scorpio73 said:

I'm so excited to play this on release day! The game looks beautiful, and the story is sounding like it will be a good one.

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