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Did You Pre-Order Your PS4 from Amazon UK? Check Your Emails

Posted by Sammy Barker

Time to level up

Specialist retailer GAME may have been quickest to contact customers about Sony’s recently announced PlayStation 4 bundles, but is gradually catching up. The online megastore has started reaching out to those with pre-orders via email, offering several opportunities to upgrade. You'll have seven days after receiving your message to make up your mind, but there’s no obligation to purchase one of the pricier packages.

Almost all of the options come with a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall, in addition to various other games. You can choose between adding Battlefield 4 or Need for Speed: Rivals to your order for £429, while the FIFA Mega Pack will net you – wait for it – a console, Guerrilla Games’ aforementioned first-person shooter, FIFA 14, a PlayStation Eye, and two DualShock 4s for £489.

Have you been contacted yet? Which bundle are you planning to upgrade to? Do you wish that there were more options available? Let us know in the comments section below.


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SuperKMx said:

Yup, got the email last night at about 7pm. Switched mine up to the £449 bundle with the camera, Killzone, and extra controller Takes a while for your order to update, though - mine still hasn't.



SuperKMx said:

@get2sammyb Awesome deal when you consider the price of the extra stuff if sold separately. Puts Microsoft to absolute shame.



RawShark said:

Nothing for me yet... but then my preorder was pretty late in the day. Shame as I'd snap up the mega bundle. I'm considering plowing through Beyond over the course of a week to put towards a part exchange for Killzone - that should help absorb some of the additional cost I'd have otherwise saved.



NathanUC said:

I was really hoping this would be the case in NA, but it looks like we're still not getting all these snazzy cool bundles.



RawShark said:

Just got my email - MEGA PACK!

(Drops pants, sits on floor, raises legs and drags self across floor like a dog might.)



benrawr said:

Preordered just before the end of the E3 conference, now I've got a Killzone controller super mega bundle on the way!

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