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Brazil, Get Ready to Hand Over $1,850 for a PlayStation 4 Next Month

Posted by Orla Madden

Ouch, that's got to hurt

It's going to cost gamers in Brazil an arm and a leg to purchase the PlayStation 4 when it launches in the region. Well, not literally an arm and a leg, but the system will cost a whopping 3,999 Brazilian reais, which approximately converts to a staggering $1,850 / €1,368 / £1,150. This reminds us of the hefty price tag Sony slapped on the PlayStation 3 when it released in the country back in August 2010.

The next generation machine lands in Brazil on the 29th November - the same day as Europe - with Sony suggesting a MSRP of 179 Brazilian reais for software, close to $83 / €60 / £50 in each of the respective territories.

The reason for the hike in price is down to import fees and taxes appointed by the local government. Considering the PS4 will cost $399.99 in North America and £349.99 / €399.99 in the UK and the rest of Europe, those malicious duty fees take over more than 60 per cent of the price of the system itself.

Argentinian gamers might feel slightly better upon hearing this news, after it was revealed that Sony's black box would cost 6,500 Argentine Pesos - which roughly works out at $1,200 / €815 / £760.

We promise not to complain about the price of consoles over here ever again.


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Epic said:

Damn, just when I thought that 750$ without taxes was too much for a PS4 in this country.
Poor Brazilian games :/



eLarkos said:

I'm currently living in Brazil and I can tell you that it really hurts being a gamer. Funnily enough though once Steam recognised my location and converted the currency into Real, the games are relatively cheaper than when in $US



eLarkos said:

@get2sammyb The price of a PS4? Na not really. Will have to wait until next year when im back in my homeland New Zealand. Ps4 there is roughly $450US so much more reasonable. Until then its PC gaming through steam for me



Jairo_MC said:

I started a thread commenting this. Being a gamer in Brazil is really expensive and the price they are charging is absurd.
I do download more games on my Playstation systems, because, as @eLarkos commented it is cheaper. However I enjoy physical copies a lot more so I end up waiting for price drops on a lot of games.
A few games that I can find cheap I buy at launch but it's very difficult to find. I was able to do it this year with Bioshock Infinite (terrific game), The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls (just finished it and thought it was great).



ferrers405 said:

I'm Brazilian and with this absurd price of PS4 here i can import 2 PS4 from US (with taxes include - which elevate the price to 2X) and buy most of the launch games and i still will have some money left...



eLarkos said:

@ferrers405 good to know. Might have to look into that.

My understanding was that importing goods from the US was a nightmare here?



ferrers405 said:

@eLarkos Is a nightmare... but just because of the taxes price (but the PS4 is a exception where is better import), the delivery if from a shop like Amazon for example for me at least never went wrong.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

I'm from Brazil and as ferrers405 has pointed, you can import 2 PS4 legally for that price, paying all the taxes. Even though the taxes in Brazil are unreal, Sony is definitly using the oportunity to gain some money with richest part of the population. My pre-order at Amazon is $ 780,40, which converts to R$ 1.686,83, so comparing it to the official price in Brazil makes me wanna cry...



artemisthemp said:

I though Australia got rip-off but, this is average expensive.
You can almost buy 3 EU PS3 for that money.

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