It's going to cost gamers in Brazil an arm and a leg to purchase the PlayStation 4 when it launches in the region. Well, not literally an arm and a leg, but the system will cost a whopping 3,999 Brazilian reais, which approximately converts to a staggering $1,850 / €1,368 / £1,150. This reminds us of the hefty price tag Sony slapped on the PlayStation 3 when it released in the country back in August 2010.

The next generation machine lands in Brazil on the 29th November - the same day as Europe - with Sony suggesting a MSRP of 179 Brazilian reais for software, close to $83 / €60 / £50 in each of the respective territories.

The reason for the hike in price is down to import fees and taxes appointed by the local government. Considering the PS4 will cost $399.99 in North America and £349.99 / €399.99 in the UK and the rest of Europe, those malicious duty fees take over more than 60 per cent of the price of the system itself.

Argentinian gamers might feel slightly better upon hearing this news, after it was revealed that Sony's black box would cost 6,500 Argentine Pesos - which roughly works out at $1,200 / €815 / £760.

We promise not to complain about the price of consoles over here ever again.