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Who Needs PS4? Rockstar Reckons Grand Theft Auto 5 Feels Next-Gen Now

Posted by Sammy Barker

Plenty under the hood

Few would argue that it’s been an incredible year for the PlayStation 3. With three months still left to go, the console has already played host to amazing titles like BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, and The Last of Us. Perhaps most impressive is that the system’s showing no signs of slowing down either, with Beyond: Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6, and a certain Grand Theft Auto V right around the corner.

The continued momentum of the current generation console is prompting some people to ponder whether the upgrade to the PlayStation 4 is even worthwhile – and according to Rockstar, its aforementioned sandbox sensation is already knocking on the doors of the next generation. Speaking with IGN, associate technical director and combat designer Phil Hooker explained that the studio endeavoured to sap every last ounce of power out of the PS3.

“Every aspect of the game had to be better, richer in gameplay, and more fluid – and knowing that we were launching on the same platforms [as Grand Theft Auto IV] meant that we could focus on extracting the most out of those consoles and making the game as fantastic as possible,” he explained. “In the end, we surpassed our own expectations, and during development I think that everyone working on the game has been astounded by the improvements to the graphics, or new mechanics, or artificial intelligence, or mission scope along the way.”

He concluded: “Hopefully the gamers will see all of these improvements at once in one go. Compared to Grand Theft Auto IV, this definitely feels ‘next generation’ to us.”

There’s just over a week now until Grand Theft Auto V is released. Are you looking forward to the title? Have you got your copy paid off? Is the PS3’s incredible lineup forcing you to reconsider your PS4 pre-order? Let us know in the comments section below.


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XavandSo said:

Having completely skipped Sony's console systems this generation, I concede that I missed out on some insanely epic stuff. I bought a cheap 2nd hand 40GB PS3 a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by The Last of Us, I can't believe what I missed out on for the past 7 years. GTA V is pre-ordered absolutely and I'm not even remotely interested in the PS4 or XBone, as I have a glorious PS3 backlog that needs playing.



get2sammyb said:

@XavandSo I'm a teensy bit jealous that you get to experience all of these games fresh. It must be realy exciting. I think you're spot on, though - there's so much to enjoy on PS3 right now for a really cheap price that it's truly never been in a better position. I think it's going to remain popular for a long time.



XavandSo said:

It is quite exciting. I spent years on a Nintendo pedestal decrying the PS3 from it's price, to it's "stolen idea" of SixAxis and it's George Foreman grill-like looks, so when I matured and finally played the PS3 about 2 years ago, I wondered why I hated it. I'm embarrassed to knock such a wonderful machine.



Ginkgo said:

I think that the comparison of GTA4 which was early in this gen Vs what GTA5 promises to be will be fantastic bookends of the current Gen, showing the enormous difference between what developers can do when they are still learning about a console Vs what they can do when they have mastered it.

My point being, that what developers are doing now on PS4 and XBox180 is nothing compared to what they will be achieving in 5+ years times. What we think looks good now (Killzone and infamous etc) will look rubbish down the track.



Jaz007 said:

Then imagine how a next gen GTA will feel. In any case, as someone who can't play M games (and would never play a game like GTA5 even if he could) I'm not reay affected by all these game coming out for PS3. I'm not really intrested in GT6 either. I think next gen is already looking to be the best gen ever too so come here PS4!



banacheck said:

I'll be getting GTAV day one, also there are some excellent games still releasing on the PS3, thats why i'm keeping it.



Gamer83 said:

There's no question the biggest competition for the PS4 this fall isn't the Wii U or even the Xbox One (which has a fantastic launch day library) but the PS3. There's the games mentioned in the article the also just recently released Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Saints Row IV and a new Batman still on the way. I'd say PS3 is going out on a high note but I don't think it's close to finished, Sony probably has some decent stuff lined up for 2014 as well. At the very least third parties will continue supporting the PS3 and 360 with great cross-gen content over the next year.



Beaston61 said:

@XavandSo .
Snap, I have so many PS3 games that I need to play. I thought I was all set for next gen... it seems not.
I just completed inFamous about 1 hour ago, Next is infamous 2, God of War trilogy, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2/3, Killzone 2 & the Last of Us! At least!
I had my mind set on day 1 purchase of PS4... not anymore



Savino said:

@XavandSo lol
Welcome to the team! I was a nintendo hardcore fan but since I bought a ps3 three years ago I cant look nintendo the same way!

I still have a lot of love for nintendo, I bought a WiiU on launch and a 3ds too, but my two vitas and ps3 never get dusty here like the nintendo consoles...

(Except for rayman that are dusting off my wiiu... Sorry sony fans, wiiu is the best version, followed by vita)



charlesnarles said:

Why wouldn't it feel next gen to those who had worked on the previous title as well? Lol... I didn't even consider selling my PS3 to buy my PS4. Omg, no. Plus, they said no GTA5 or Diablo 3 on PS4, for a while, at least. And every child on Earth should play both of those; "Don't be an idiot" and "Kill the devil" are very positive themes, says this observer. But, I'm not gonna forgo next/(this?) gen games just for this/(last?) gen games. No way. And hopefully we'll be able to upgrade to next gen, right Sony?



Lopezdm said:

@XavandSo Welcome to the party! I sort of envy you at this point though I have my PS4 paid off. I count on the backlog of games that are coming out this fall to tide me over while I wait for the PS4's game list to grow. GTA5 and WWE 2k14 are my go to when I'm not playing COD: Ghosts or Assassins Creed: Black Flag. I think that you will find that you will want a upgrade to ps4 at some point until then buy the uncharted series and enjoy.



odd69 said:

You are right sammy, i think the ps3 wont die. I'm not ready for the ps4 quite yet, did not preorder. I'm not sure if i will have it at launch, Ive made much a big investment on ps3 i can see myself catching up a whole year before i buy the ps4.



Ps4all said:

I'm sad im gonna miss gtav. I hope it comes to ps4, however I am sceptical (San Andreas came out near the end of PS2 and never made the jump to ps3 outside of a PS2 classic). I already traded my ps3 to pay for my ps4 and some ps4 games. I guess I'll have to settle for watchdogs to satisfy my open world itch come November.

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