While a slew of leaked concept art recently offered scant hope of new content for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, platform holder Sony has confirmed that it’s done with the brawler – well, sort of. On the official PlayStation forums, a Sony Santa Monica representative reiterated that there won't be any more characters or stages deployed for the mascot mash-up.

“In the course of any game's development, there are always elements that never quite get finished or the team decides not to use,” the spokesperson explained. “Some of these additional materials from the game’s development phase have been recently released, but unfortunately these are very far from finished assets and were not included in the final game for a number of production and legal reasons.”

While the company’s essentially drawing a line under the fighter, it’s still committed to one last balance patch. “This is still in the early stages of research and development,” added the forum post. “Even if everything goes smoothly with the development and implementation, the patch will not be finished until later this fall.”

The firm also plans to launch some new costumes. Fresh threads for Dante, Raiden, Heihachi, and Big Daddy will be released on 27th August in North America as a free download. These were previously pre-order exclusives, but will now be available for everyone to use. In addition, alternate outfits for Zeus and Isaac Clarke will be let loose alongside the aforementioned patch.

And then that really is it. Sony has reiterated on multiple occasions that the game simply did not sell well enough in order to warrant further expansion packs. It’s a shame really, because we thought that beneath the garish menus and awkward roster there was a really, really good fighting game on offer here. Oh well.

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