Best Horror Games on PS5 Guide 1

What are the best horror games on PS5? A very popular genre despite its somewhat acquired taste, horror titles are for a lifetime, not just Halloween. Some will stick to jump scares while others will explore psychological horror, touching on themes like mental health. Whatever the case, you can be assured you're in for an unsettling, spooky experience.

On this page, as determined by the Push Square community, we've listed the best horror games on PS5. From modern classics like Resident Evil Village to underrated titles such as Tormented Souls, there's something for everyone. Well, as long as you're not a scaredy cat. Some titles on this list contain a deluge of jump scares, while others will slowly get under your skin. The games ranked below excel in all of those areas.

However, if you think a certain PS5 game is missing or you don't agree with the current order of the list, you're in luck: this page is shaped entirely by you. By rating your favourite horror games on PS5, you can have a direct impact on this page and watch as your favourite game rises through the ranks. To do so, use the search tool below and then rate the games you think belong on our list. Once you've found the game in question, click on its star icon and you can leave a rating from 1 through to 10.

Note: A game will need at least 10 ratings before it's included on this page. If you feel something's missing or in the wrong position, rate them via their respective pages by clicking the star icon and choosing a score.

Best PS5 Games

With all that said, it's time to hide behind the sofa. Listed below are the best horror games on PS5, rated and ranked by you.

15. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (PS5)

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (PS5)
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (PS5)
Publisher: Koei Tecmo / Developer: Koei Tecmo
Release Date: 28th Oct 2021 (USA) / 28th Oct 2021 (UK/EU)

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on PS5 is an average remaster of one of the horror series' worst entries. While it may still have those classic photo taking mechanics to defeat ghosts and ghouls, its clunky controls don't hold up. At least the haunting atmosphere and creepy cutscenes live up to the hype. Just don't go into this one expecting anything special.

14. Tormented Souls (PS5)

Tormented Souls (PS5)
Tormented Souls (PS5)
Publisher: PQube / Developer: Dual Effect
Release Date: 27th Aug 2021 (USA) / 27th Aug 2021 (UK/EU)

Tormented Souls is an indie horror game directly inspired by classic franchises like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. As such, it's a dark, grisly survival title full of dark corridors to creep through, hideous monsters to fend off, and nasty puzzles to solve. Playing as Caroline Walker, you explore a seemingly abandoned mansion in search of two girls who have gone missing. Those looking for some old-school style frights will be well served here — maybe play this one with the lights on.

13. Alan Wake Remastered (PS5)

Alan Wake Remastered (PS5)
Alan Wake Remastered (PS5)
Publisher: Epic Games / Developer: Remedy
Release Date: 5th Oct 2021 (USA) / 5th Oct 2021 (UK/EU)

Originally released for the Xbox 360 all the way back in 2010, Alan Wake cultivated cult status for its unorthodox Twin Peaks-inspired storytelling and unique horror gameplay loop. With light playing a significant role, you need to use a torch in combination with traditional weapons in order to defeat the Taken and restore order to the fictional Washington town of Bright Falls. First published by Microsoft, developer Remedy was able to wrangle back the rights to the series in 2019, which paved the way for this spruced-up PS5 remaster – and a sequel unsurprisingly named Alan Wake 2.

12. The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (PS5)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (PS5)
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (PS5)
Publisher: Bandai Namco / Developer: Supermassive Games
Release Date: 22nd Oct 2021 (USA) / 22nd Oct 2021 (UK/EU)

It feels like Supermassive Games has been trying to hit the heights of PS4 classic Until Dawn for years now, and never quite reaching it. However, the third entry in its Dark Pictures Anthology, titled House of Ashes, definitely comes closest. Much like previous efforts, you'll control a number of characters, dictating their actions and dialogue choices. This time around, there's a horde of ancient monsters buried underneath the sandy desert of Iraq. Get some friends over and you'll have a whale of a time.

11. Dying Light 2 (PS5)

Dying Light 2 (PS5)
Dying Light 2 (PS5)
Publisher: Techland / Developer: Techland
Release Date: 4th Feb 2022 (USA) / 4th Feb 2022 (UK/EU)

The original Dying Light game might have gone under the radar critically, but it certainly sold impressively well on PS4. As such, expectations were high for this PS5 sequel, with developer Techland promising all sorts of narrative choices and intriguing story beats. And while the finished product didn't live up to those claims, the actual open world title is still a fun one. Looking for something to turn your brain off to and start slicing and dicing the undead? You can't do much better than Dying Light 2. Complete with an awesome parkour moveset, traversal has never felt this good.