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Level 5 Pings Wonder Flick onto PS4 and Vita Next Year

Posted by Sammy Barker

How fast can you flick?

If you were hoping that Level 5’s next release would be a Ni No Kuni sequel, you may want to temper your expectations a touch for the time being. The colossal Japanese developer has announced Wonder Flick, a bitesized fantasy RPG that aims to capture the feel of a sprawling adventure in short bursts.

Clearly born out of the smartphone sensation that’s gripping Japan at the moment, the PlayStation 4 and Vita release will see you completing quests, visiting towns, and battling foes in “flick-based” combat. Interestingly, the title will feature second screen support via compatible smartphones and tablets on Sony’s next generation console.

The game’s being designed by company gaffer Akihiro Hino, and will boast music by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. You’ll be able to share your save data between systems, and each platform will feature an exclusive dungeon. The title’s set to release on iOS and Android this year, with the console versions set to follow in 2014. Check out the trailer for the mobile iteration below.


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TheLZdragon said:

Odd how it supports touch controls and a second screen but it's not on the 3DS. Maybe in due time...



Jaz007 said:

I was intrgued until I saw the gameplay, I have no intrest in the game now.



Superconsole said:

@Lelouch I agree it's much more suited to the Vita, but if it's on the PS4 that can only be an added bonus. If it's Level5 I'll take it ;D



rjejr said:

So is this free on iOS and Android and $14.99 PS4 and Vita or $6.99 on each?
That trailer was all in Japanese, is it only coming out in Japan this year?
Flick sounds bad, but it looks more like strategic buttons assignments and less like random Fruit Ninja slashing.



InsertNameHere said:

@Superconsole I don't really mind it being on the PS4, I just don't think it should be available for smartphones. The game looks great and they could've done so much more with it if they hadn't designed it for smartphones.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@jaz007: By and large, I agree with you. Though to be honest, just the TEXT "flick-based combat" set off the warning alarms for me.

@rjejr: I could be wrong, but I THINK the text at 0:56 is telling us it costs 1000 yen on mobile...pricy, but if there's no micro-transactions it could be a fair deal.

I wonder...will the PS4 version REQUIRE second-screen devices, make heavy use of the touch pad on the controller, or be redesigned to work on a console? We have too little information. I'm willing to keep paying attention for a little longer just because of the developer's pedigree, but they're going to need to dish in the right way for me to actually get excited for this.



artemisthemp said:

I really hope the Console gameplay ain't like in the Video, because I got instantly turn off, when they show the Gameplay.

Note: Opening to the guy standing on the hill was ok.



Sanquine said:

Ooohw... They can keep this **** that they call a game... Mobile gaming... Seriously>? Next time i see someone gaming on a mobile phone i will have a tantrum.



Superconsole said:

@Lelouch Hopefully they'll completely revamp the gameplay for the console versions. Level5 make lots of mobile games in Japan, which I've heard are really popular there - but can't imagine they'd bring the mobile versions over to the West.

We'll just have to wait and see...



Solatorobo said:

If they make this more than a Iphone level title for the PS4 release I'll totally buy this.

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