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Killzone: Shadow Fall Pre-Orders Strong, Knack Stomping Beyond: Two Souls

Posted by Sammy Barker

PlayStation 4 exclusives performing well post E3

Killzone: Shadow Fall is the most pre-ordered PlayStation 4 exclusive, according to retail research by analysts Cowen and Co. The firm – which compiles data based on NPD sales statistics and bestseller information – found Guerrilla Games’ first-person shooter to be the fifth most wanted game since E3 2013.

Unsurprisingly, the study discovered that Call of Duty: Ghosts is the hottest upcoming release, followed by Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto V, and Battlefield 4. Organisation analyst Doug Creutz stressed that the ranking for Rockstar Games’ opus is “almost certainly” incorrect, as the majority of punters probably pre-ordered the release prior to last month’s convention, where it didn’t have a presence.

Still, this gives us a good snapshot of the trends coming out of the big show. Most fascinating is that Japan Studio’s simplistic platformer Knack is actually performing better than both Gran Turismo 6 and Beyond: Two Souls. However, it’s unclear whether console bundles are artificially inflating the title’s ranking. Either way, DriveClub appears to be enjoying a less than stellar time in 17th – but again, that may be affected by the title’s free PlayStation Plus version.

We’ve included the full list of heavy hitters below. Let us know which releases you’re planning to pick up in the comments section.

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts (73)
2. Watch Dogs (69.6)
3. Grand Theft Auto V (58.4)
4. Battlefield 4 (54.7)
5. Killzone: Shadow Fall (30.3)
6. Assassin's Creed IV (29.2)
7. Forza 5 (18.8)
8. Diablo III (18.2)
9. Batman: Arkham Origins (17.2)
10. Dead Rising 3 (15.0)
11. Ryse (13.2)
12. Saints Row IV (10.1)
13. Knack (7.7)
14. Gran Turismo 6 (5.0)
15. Beyond: Two Souls (3.3)
16. Wolfenstein: The New Order (3.2)
17. Drive Club (3.0)
18. Splinter Cell: Blacklist (2.9)
19. The Bureau: Xcom Declassified (0.4)
20. South Park: The Stick of Truth (0.2)


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Weskerb said:

I preordered the PS4 but no games. I don't see the point as I can't ever recall game shortages at launch, only console shortages. I'm looking forward to Drive Club Plus, then pick up whatever's hot.



Weskerb said:

@get2sammyb Also I'm not sure whether I'll want the PS3 or PS4 versions. That might sound dumb, but if my friends are playing COD, Assassins and Watchdogs on PS3 I'd probably rather be doing that.



PMasterTy9 said:

I have a PS4 on pre-order but I haven't decided on any games yet, I am leaning towards pre-ordering both Killzone and NFS; Rivals. If Gamefly adds PS4 games to their library before launch then I might only get one. I did have a chance to play Driveclub at SDCC, the game looked cool and had some cool features but I didn't really like how the cars handled. It was just a demo and it is only 36% done so, hopefully there is an improvement when it launches.



3Above said:

I've pre ordered Second Son, Knack FF15 and The Order 1886. I wont bother with DriveClub because of the PS Plus version.



charlesnarles said:

Yup, preordered the console, still haven't decided which games other than GT, GTA/watch dogs (too similar? Although I'm near LA county and haven't been to Chicago lol) and maybe BF4 for the multiplayer. I gotta get the killzone trilogy before I can play the new one : (



ViciousDS said:

for anyone that doesn't know 1 point or percent = 10 million in sales..

so killzone shadows fall is at $303 million in sales already on pre-orders......thats amazing for an exclusive.....actually thats REALLY AMAZING FOR A LAUNCH EXCLUSIVE. In fact Killzone Shadow Fall may be the best selling launch exclusive of all time......but seriously call of duty ghosts is still at $800 million to people buy the least innovative shooter this time around.

Glad to see watch dogs at $700 mil thats awesome to see a new IP take off like that.



Ginkgo said:

Amazing for Killzone.
Disappointing for Beyond (can't wait personally).
Great for Knack
but where is Titanfall? Are they not taking orders yet?



ViciousDS said:

@Ginkgo titanfall is available for pre-order obviously no one wants it lol, also project spark isnt up there either and that game actually looked the most interesting for xbox.



butcherknife said:

@Wesker It is not the full version.
@SkySilver18155 I plan to get the full version...I just haven't pre-ordered. Because they are giving a free version away on the PSN which I reason means the full version on the PSN will be discounted for PS+ members. Otherwise I would have pre-ordered already. On a side note - I will say that I am getting the feeling when reading all the previews for DriveClub that it may need more development time. I would prefer it not be a launch game if it does need more time.



drumsandperc92 said:

preordered PS4 with Watch Dogs, but only because amazon didn't offer an AC4 bundle. AC4 will be my second PS4 game.
CoD kind of tired me out with FPS this gen, I had CoD3, CoD: WaW, and even MW2. Ended up selling all of them, only owned MW2 for a couple weeks till i got bored. But I'm actually interested in Killzone, i like the sci-fi setting and the game looks great. I'll try a demo or something on PSN if they have one.
Also, I'm holding off on DriveClub for the free PSN+ version, as well as to see if i prefer another racing game instead (looking at The Crew, albeit it being a very different game)
Knack has me interested, i'll definitely try it out and might take the plunge. But i bet you that game will be one of the first major PSN+ giveaways eventually and i might just wait for that day. We'll see!
looking forward to gamescom!

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