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Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Could Be Dancing onto Your Vita, Too

Posted by Sammy Barker

Strut your stuff

We already know that Hatsune Miku Project Diva F is pulling some shapes on the PlayStation 3 later this year, but the curious vocaloid popstar could also be strutting onto the PlayStation Vita as well. The ESRB – North America’s chief video game classifications board – has awarded a ‘T’ to the title on Sony’s handheld, suggesting that a portable release could be on the cards.

The weird rhythm title did deploy on the handheld in Japan, so it makes sense for SEGA to bring it overseas – especially seeing as the Vita has such an incredibly high attach rate at the moment. We’re just curious how the game managed to wrangle a teen rating – this is easily more frightening than The Evil Within.


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MadchesterManc said:

I...Need...A...Vita...Now! lol At least now I can pass my PsPgo onto my nephew safe in knowledge I can play on Vita. Ive just imported another 2 Project Diva games for my PsP so Im all set till the Ps3 release. I dont understand how they've managed to drum up a Teen rating. Ive numerous Hatsune Miku albums n there deosn't seem to be any lyrics or themes that would garner such a rating, plus I doubt the title is gonna contain any ecchi.



AceSpadeS said:

Given my LOVE for Project Diva (Which does have some bikini dancing) and my possession of a Vita... I NEED THIS!!!



rastamadeus said:

While I would be happy if this happened I can't see it. Sega really aren't in a position to just waste money which is what this would ultimately end up doing. Makes sense (and more importantly, money) in Asia but the rest of the world? Is it worth it for 20,000 - 50,000 sales? And if so then why are new Shenmue, Jet Set, Panzer Dragoon and Crazy Taxi games not worth the risk? Whoever runs Sega is a law to himself.



get2sammyb said:

@rastamadeus I can only assume that — if this happens — it's really easy for them to do. With the localisation for the PS3 port done, there can't be that much more work involved, can there?



rastamadeus said:

@get2sammyb True but I just don't see the point. The Vita userbase isn't there. Maybe they should make it F2P with, say, ten songs and the rest they charge for. 79p a song? Would make more sense, allow them to also do it on 3DS, tablets and phones. Makes more sense than me and @MadchesterManc being the only people in the UK to buy it.



MadchesterManc said:

@get2sammyb Your probably right. With the localisation already done on the Ps3 its basically done for the Vita too. They would pretty much be using the same assets between each platform.

@rastamadeus I fully understand your view on Sega. While I adore Hatsune Miku n glad to see announcements like this, I dont see how the decision to release what is a VERY niche title here is a viable one. The other games you mentioned are MUCH more popular and would definetely get much more sales for Sega. Yakuza 5 not being released in the west is one of the most baffling decisions by Sega in recent times. My fellow Sega-loving friend still sheds man tears over it lol Then again Ive imported the PsP Project Diva games and will more than likely do the same for the Ps3 n Vita due to the EU only getting digital copies of the games, unless DLC is announced n then I may ponder...



rastamadeus said:

@Zetrayrus Just call us the Grinches. Haha. Don't get me wrong I want it released I just can't see Sega's thinking.

Random Sega employee: "Shall we make a game that will sell millions and one our fans keep asking for or shall we sell a game that a tiny minority of people will buy and end up losing money?"
Sega boss: "LET'S LOSE MONEY!"
Everyone in the meeting: "YATTA~!"



Zetrayrus said:

@rastamadeus True, the PS Vita's userbase isn't anything to boast about. But when I imagine playing PDf on the press-gasmic buttons of the Vita...




InsertNameHere said:

Huh, I literally just woke up to Miku Hatsune's "Packaged" not too long ago on Kawaii Radio.

While I am happy to see that Sega is trying to support the Vita, this doesn't make financial sense. Yakuza 5, Shenmue and maybe even a port of Shadow the Hedgehog would be better. Sure Miku has a decent sized following here in the states, but those people aren't going to just run out and buy a Vita just for a chance to play this game - I probably would, but I'm just one person.



artemisthemp said:

Wouldn't it have made more sense to release Hatsune Miku Vita in EU, instead of US?
Seen as US already have confirmed a Psychical PS3 version.

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