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Sony Has No Plans For Vita StreetPass Rival Toro's Friend Network In Europe

Posted by Damien McFerran

Well, boo.

The 3DS may be technically inferior to the PS Vita, but its StreetPass feature has long been viewed with jealousy by many Sony fans. Using the console's wireless connection, it allows 3DS owners to share data, take part in mini-games and generally indulge in all kinds of social fun.

Earlier this month, Sony launched its StreetPass challenger Toro's Friend Network in North America, which led many to suspect that a European release would be forthcoming. Sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case — at least not for the time being.

Speaking on the European PlayStation Blog, Sony's Jawad Ashraf stated:

There aren't plans for an EU release of Toro. I hope that changes.

So do we, Jawad. So do we.


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Volmun said:

looks intresting.... shame im in the UK/EU... so i probably wont get to play it till next year if that...



Snorky said:

It's quite a shame really. Isn't it a Sony owned app? I don't understand why they wouldn't release it really.



Squiggle55 said:

That's too bad, I'm enjoying the app here in the US. It starts out very addicting, but then I got bogged down with the repetetiveness and swarm of new friends.

Honestly I don't think it holds a candle to the 3DS' streetpass though. The only pro that Toro has is that you can actually add people to your friends list. The similarity is that there is a simple dungeon to crawl through, but the fact that you actually have to pass someone in real life to use them in the 3DS dungeon makes Find Mii more special.

Of course, Streetpass also includes all of the streetpass content from all of your games, and Sony still has a very long way to go to make their Near app worth while. They still need to explain things like their charts better. I find it suspicious that my local play charts don't include any games that I personally haven't been playing, so I don't even know if it functions properly. And they need to have psn friends play charts on Near. And of course ideally it would communicate directly with other Vitas you pass like the 3DS instead of the confusing way it does things now over wifi. Unfortunately there are many small internet things that I don't think function properly on the Vita and just get swept under the rug: wake-up club, the leaderboards on ecolibrium, and the local charts on Near.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Eh, the game's kind of crap anyway. I spent one day with it and dumped the thing.



NathanUC said:

I'll be honest and say you aren't missing much. At first I thought it was super cool, fun, and addictive. After a couple days though, you're CONSTANTLY just spamming the screen pushing 'okay' essentially. There's no real skill or planning for the dungeons, just more pushing "next" pretty much.

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