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What Does the PS4 Controller's Light Bar Do in Killzone: Shadow Fall?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Red means dead

The controller for the PlayStation 4 is rich with new features, but one of its more noticeable additions is the light bar plastered on the top. Similarly to the PlayStation Move, the illuminated streak can be used in conjunction with the new PlayStation Eye for enhanced motion tracking. But it can also provide realtime gameplay feedback, and is being employed in some interesting ways by launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Speaking with EDGE magazine, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained that the bulb changes colour to represent your health in Guerrilla Games’ upcoming first-person shooter. “People were watching the main screen [during the game’s live demo at the PlayStation Meeting], but Steven [ter Heide, game director] was facing the audience, showing how the light bar colour changes as he was hit by the enemy. As he lost hit points, the colour was changing from green to red.”

Killzone: Shadow Fall is also using the controller’s speaker to relay radio messages from the Helghast. It makes sense that the developer’s taking full advantage of the device, though, seeing as it helped to design it. We’ll hopefully hear a lot more from Guerrilla Games in the coming weeks, as E3 is little more than a month away now.


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InsertNameHere said:

That interview has me even more excited for the PS4. I appreciate all that Sony is doing to rectify the mistakes they made this gen and how they're focusing on games first.



3Above said:

I havent had hands on with the DS4 yet so I ask: Can you ( the gamer holding the controller ) see the color of the LED? Since its not facing you how would you be able to tell what color it is, especially during daytime or a well kit room?



eLarkos said:

I am liking to PS4 more everytime I hear about it, however this is the biggest gimmick I have heard of in awhile. Not only would a light be annoying when trying to play in complete darkness but colour changing is such a simple (lame) way to try and introduce immersion into a game. The only way i can see it being immersive is when it turns red in a horror game when you are in a dark room. Apart from that it is a joke. Seriously who would find a colour beam on their controller relevant when the HUD is screaming at you with a health meter. On a side note I love that they are implementing speakers on the DS4 as I loved this feature on the Wii and thought it was not utilised enough.



InsertNameHere said:

@eLarkos The light bar is a great addition. There are a lot of ways that it can be utilized to enhance immersion and gameplay, I'm looking forward to all the different uses.

Also, in Shadow Falls case, it looks like you wouldn't regenerating health. So, the light bar will help you by turning red when your health is low and turning green when you replenish it.

All in all this is one "gimmick" that I'm very excited for.



Epic said:

I don't want to know that I'm getting shoot that's a bit obivous I would prefer that the light turns green when the guy I was shooting is dead in other words confirm the kill that would be better in my opinion.



GraveLordXD said:

@eLarkos it can create immersion buy simply removing the hud for your life all together and just use the different color light to show health low ammo ect.
There's nothing that breaks immersion more than unnecessary hud bars and what not
Edit ok looks like @TheRealBatman already beat me to it



Scrible said:

Um, who's watching the light bar as they are playing a game, you have to watch the screen, also, you can tell when your being hit by bullets without the stupid light, so pointless



InsertNameHere said:

@Scrible Yes, but you have to think about the developers who might want to use the light bar as a health indicator. So it's not pointless at all.



eLarkos said:

It seems to me that because this has had to be implemented due to Move, they are now looking at other uses for it. None of which are really needed or have been asked for.

@TheRealBatman Any feature could be added to a controller and be utilised by a developer in some way. The point is that this feature is hardly amazing and will be tacked on to games. Hence my use of the work gimmick. Its not going to hurt anyone having it but it seems rather silly.



InsertNameHere said:

@eLarkos I doubt it'll be "tacked on". The term itself is usually associated with something that the user can't open their mind to. I can see the light bar being used in more amazing ways than most people can't imagine.



charlesnarles said:

if it's bright, which it probably will be a little bit at night, then i'd love seeing muzzle flash/nearby explosions/other light sources coming from the controller too



sdavala said:

is anyone else concerned that the light is on the opposite side of the controller? who is going to see the dang light?

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