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Bungie Lays Down the Law in New Destiny Trailer, First PS4 Footage at E3

Posted by Robert Ramsey

King of the jungle

With publishing giant Activision providing the marketing push behind Bungie's upcoming Destiny, it comes as no surprise that every piece of exposure from here on in is going to have some considerable clout behind it. The game's latest trailer is a mix of live action and CGI, starting off with a father telling his son about "the law of the jungle". It then cuts to three characters taking on whole armies of aliens with their favourite guns.

Fortunately, for those eager to see gameplay, the short trailer ends with a message revealing that our first glimpse of in-game footage will be at Sony's E3 press conference on 10th June. There's also a nice big PlayStation 4 logo slapped onto the end, too. Do you think that the platform holder's decision to nab exclusive content for Destiny was a good one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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get2sammyb said:

This is huge. This is Sony learning from Microsoft's strategy and making a move to ensure that Destiny is associated with its platform, much in the same way that Call of Duty is with the Xbox. This game may not be an established name yet, but when you see "From the makers of Halo and the publishers of Call of Duty" at the end, I'm sure that's going to grab people's attention.

I thought the trailer was pretty good, too. Bit cheesey, perhaps.



MadchesterManc said:

@get2sammyb You've hit the nail on the head straight away sammy. It is big. 2 of the biggest players in the FPS genre big lol For this to be associated with Playstation is a pretty good coup by Sony. Destiny probably wont be as popular as CoD for Activision, but Bungie are respected in the FPS community which will no doubt drive its hype and popularity. To be honest, whith 343 Industries fumbling the ball 10 yards from the endzone when it came to Halo 4, Im just glad Bungie are back on the FPS scene



InsertNameHere said:

I always found Halo to be a pretty average to mediocre shooter, and like most people who've gone through puberty, I have no interest in CoD. But I won't deny that this collaboration could be huge. Sony is making the right decision by trying to make sure that it's seen as a more worthwhile experience on their console, especially since the PS editions are getting exclusive content - not early map packs.



hYdeks said:

Bungie making a game for PS3/PS4 is a huge attention grabber from the Halo Xbox crowd, especially from people in NA. I can't wait to buy this game, it's gonna be couch co-op right? I hope so..

Made by the halo peoples and published by call of duty guys? Wow, Sony is really riding on the Call of Duty/Halo nuts to come over lol



ViciousDS said:

@Ginkgo they didn't jump ship, its still being released for 360 and X1, its just that Bungie went independent when it finished the original Halo Trilogy and Activision picked up publishing rights for them.



irken004 said:

And gameplay premiere during the Sony conference? Sounds like they may have at least a little exclusivity with Sony



DeHorror1975 said:


I think this is the most important factor for Sony, Microsoft was killing them with marketing. The ubiquitous xbox logo was in more commercials than I care to remember, yet the Playstation logo was neither here nor there. I think with the 3 it was tough for Sony to get behind it because the cell processor was so complex and they knew developers were wary. The 4 is a completely different story and EVERYONE knows it. The 4 is a beast and I hope Sony just continues with the aggressive marketing and never is soo important that we see a company confident and proud of their product. Keep the ads coming Sony!



Ginkgo said:

@ViciousDS : I understand that Destiny is a multi-platform game. My point was that Halo was an XBox exclusive, and from their they have moved to not only releasing on PS4 as well but linking their launch with Sony at E3. That for me is a defection.

The big question is did MS piss them off or Sony woo them. Why would MS upset the makers of Halo? They can't be that stupid surely.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Ginko Bungie used to be a company owned by MS, so it's a no brainer that the Halo games were exclusive. After they finished the Halo trilogy, Halo ODST and Halo Reach, Bungie bought itself free from MS to be an independent studio again.

So I guess MS didn't upset Bungie, it's just Bungie making the natural move to move to other platforms as well, hence broadening their audience and sales. That the PS4 will get exclusive content is big, though. I would guess that's Bungies move to cater to Playstation fans that always wanted to play a Bungie game, and by giving them exclusive content make them feel appreciated and welcome...and to lure them in into the clutches of Bungie, of course...



ThreadShadow said:

Wow, that trailer did nothing to excite me. It was quite underwhelming. Let me clarify. The live action was fine, it was well done, but the CGI was a real bore. Three guys stand there while bad guys line up to be shot. This is probably the worst Bungie trailer I can think of right now.

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