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Rumour: Sony to Kick Off PS4 Commercials During Champions League Final

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony's promotional push for the PlayStation 4 will start in Europe during the Champions League final in May, according to a report on PS4 The site claims that the platform holder has booked a spot during the final, which is set to take place at Wembley in London on 25th May. For those of you overseas, the Champions League is arguably the biggest club football competition in the world.

The manufacturer is already an official sponsor of the tournament – you may remember these banners promoting the firm’s PlayStation Meeting earlier in the year – having penned a contract with UEFA until 2015. It’s unclear whether the company’s planned advertising drive will encompass a regular television commercial during half-time, or the ‘bumpers’ that typically bookend an advert break.

Either way, assuming that the publication’s accurate, this could be an extremely positive indication that the PS4’s set to launch in Europe this year. While the organisation will obviously want to raise awareness for the system before release, we’re not sure that it would be eager to invest so heavily in promoting the platform if it wasn’t right around the corner.

We’ll contact Sony to see if there’s any truth to the report. In the meantime, what kind of commercials do you think that Sony should run for the PS4? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

Update: Sony tells us that it has "no comment" on this story.


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rjejr said:

Gonna be hard to advertise a console we haven't seen yet, no?



Savino said:

For those of you overseas, the Champions League is arguably the biggest club football competition in the world.

Read: North Americans!!!

And Libertadores is the biggest!!!! (I dont know how do you call it there!)



Ps4all said:

Between this, and th fact that uk retailers are taking pure orders when us retailers are not, it sounds like the uk is the safer bet as far as launch markets.



get2sammyb said:

@rjejr We will have seen it at E3. The final is set to take place after E3.

Stealth edit: It's been a long day! Whoops! :P

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