It sounds like the PlayStation Vita is finally on the ascension. In a recent interview with industry publication MCV, Sony Computer Entertainment UK’s managing director Fergal Gara has hinted that the system’s sales “absolutely exploded” during the holiday season – even though it had to endure a period of sluggish numbers to get there.

"We had a pre-Christmas lull where sales were quite low,” he told the publication. “But that absolutely exploded 20-fold from that low-point into the peak of Christmas. That's very encouraging and shows that with the right promotion and software we can light that fire."

Gara also took a moment to respond to criticisms regarding the console’s current release schedule. "It looks bare in terms of what we have announced,” he explained. “The cupboard won't be bare."

The comments come on the back of a positive week for the handheld, in which the system’s recent price drop boosted sales in Japan by more than six times. The platform holder’s ruled out a similar adjustment overseas – but if Gara’s telling the truth, then perhaps the console's price doesn't need to be slashed in Western territories after all.