Super popular PlayStation characters, er, Zeus and Isaac Clarke are set to enter the ring later this month – and you’ll be able to scoop both of them up for free if you purchase the upcoming God of War: Ascension. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, lead game designer Seth Killian explained that the latest batch of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC will be included as a voucher alongside the upcoming PlayStation 3 prequel. If you don’t purchase Sony Santa Monica's latest game, each character will set you back $4.99 from the PlayStation Store.

The fighters themselves may not be the names that fans have been clamouring for, but they at least promise to add some variety to Sony’s likeable mascot mash-up. Zeus is a heavy-hitter, designed around powerful strikes that generate lots of AP. “He can power up virtually all of his attacks into a ‘charged’ version with all kinds of new effects, giving him one of the biggest move lists in the game,” Killian explained.

Meanwhile, Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke is a mid-range fighter focusing on his unique weapons and suit techniques. “He can advance or retreat while firing his trusty Plasma Cutter, toss proximity mines, use Stasis attacks to freeze opponents, or spin slowly moving Ripper blades at enemies with a blast of Kinesis torque,” Killian added.

Both fighters have a unique roster of super moves, which you can watch in the trailers embedded below. We always felt that uncovering the special moves was part of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s appeal, so we’ll let you discover those for yourself.

As previously revealed, the combatants will be accompanied by a new stage which mixes The Unfinished Swan with MediEvil. “While we start in recognizable MediEvil territory complete with pop-up zombies and a wisecracking gargoyle, the ‘swan’ elements are shown off with a mid-match whiteout and ink splatters that slowly reveal the emerging structures,” Killian continued. “There are lots of little Swan touches throughout the stage, from the hidden labyrinth, to a balloon, the King, and of course The Unfinished Swan itself makes a cameo.”

The stage will set you back $1.99, making it a fairly affordable addition to the game. As with previous DLC, you’ll be able to play on the level in ranked online matches without needing to spend a penny. All of the new content will be available on 19th March in North America, and presumably a day later in Europe. Let us know if you're planning to purchase the add-ons in the comments section below.