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Closure Illuminates North American PS Plus This Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

Light the way

North American PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download Eyebrow Interactive’s intelligent PlayStation Network puzzle platformer Closure for free this week. The title – which sees you manipulating light sources to progress – will be added to the Instant Game Collection when the PlayStation Store refreshes tomorrow.

Other goodies this week include an 80 per cent discount on the eye-wateringly pretty Critter Crunch, as well as 20 per cent off Team 17’s cross-buy re-release of Alien Breed. Elsewhere, you’ll be able to pick up Derrick the Deathfin for just $4.00, while NHL 13 will be reduced to $38.39.

As always, let us know if you’re satisfied in the comments section below. Closure’s a neat little game, but we suspect that some of you may be getting restless over the lack of full retail releases overseas.


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bauckster said:

Well, darn. I already have Closure. Oh well. I might consider Critter Crunch at that discount, but that's about it.



Splat said:

Pretty disappointing month so far for me.

I thought Guardians of Middle-Earth was kinda of boring and there was hardly ever anyone online and I'm not a fan of puzzle games.



Epic said:

Nice I will try it out tomorrow.
Its strange if you already played it why there isn't a review here yet?

You are right you need to wait atleast 7 min per match to play with atleast 5v5 with 2 AI in both teams and people still leaving. That made me think that they just give it away because it's online was dead. -_-
Kinda wrote on my IGN blog kinda found a pattern to all these free game releases:



SilentJ said:

I really enjoyed Critter Crunch when it was free back in 2010. Closure looks pretty cool so I'm happy but I sure do hope they give us an awsome full PS3 game next week.



Squiggle55 said:

Critter crunch discount is awesome. I recommend it too. Another great pick up and play PSN game that needs to be on vita.



rjejr said:

So is Closure 1 of these unnecessarily M rated games? I was playing Knytt Underground with my kids b/c it looked so family friendly. They really don't need to know what "anal penetration" means at their age. Not to mention the never ending F-bomb droppings. And then I checked and saw Limbo is rated 9. I can't imagine why, so we're just going to play it safe and not find out.

I'm not opposed to M, 9, mature, adult, whatever you want to call them games, I've played plenty, but they've all been obvious. I'm kind of surprised Sony is even allowed to give them away for free w/ PS+ and no groups are protesting.

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