Sony’s launched a web-based version of the PlayStation Store which allows you to purchase games, movies, and TV content without ever needing to boot up your PS3. The wordy Sony Entertainment Network Store has been rumoured for years, but despite launching in Europe this morning, the company’s still yet to actually announce it.

The digital plaza allows you to login with your PSN account information and make proper purchases using your virtual wallet. Any transactions that you do make are added to your Download List, which will be waiting for you next time you turn on your console. It would have been nice if the platform holder had figured out a way to make the new content download automatically, but we suppose that this is a nifty feature if you’re finding the new PlayStation Store a nightmare to navigate.

You can peruse the web-based storefront through here. While you’re having a gander, allow us to remind you that Tokyo Jungle is still available for just £4.67 if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber. That’s an absolute bargain as far as we're concerned.