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Feature: Why We're Excited About PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Posted by Sammy Barker

Playing favourites

The existence of a mascot mash-up featuring characters from the PlayStation universe was always going to be controversial. Let's not be coy about it: this is a concept that Nintendo's already perfected across numerous iterations of the Super Smash Bros. series. Add to that the simple fact that characters such as Sweet Tooth and Colonel Radec don’t carry quite the same cachet as Mario and Link, and there’s no doubt that SuperBot Entertainment’s massive new PS3 exclusive has a long list of difficulties to overcome.

But based on our very first look at the party brawler earlier today, the newly formed studio has stepped up to the challenge well. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale may be unequivocally inspired by Nintendo’s big name brawler, but through its own adoration of PlayStation heritage it's managed to find a personality all of its own.

No other element of Battle Royale underlines that better than the LittleBigPlanet stage. The environment's constructed around you as you brawl on top of platforms made of sponge and cardboard. In the background, a Pop-It cycles through different themes, before ultimately settling on a layout based upon Relentless Software’s Buzz! series. As the fight progresses, the quiz title’s puppet-jawed host relays questions about PlayStation history, giving you an advantage in the fight should you answer correctly.

It’s this kind of respect for PlayStation’s defining moments that makes Battle Royale such a tantalising prospect. And the madness doesn’t end with the integration of trivia either. Colonel Radec’s special move sees him adopt the Killzone franchise’s traditional first-person perspective, allowing you to rain bullets from outside of the arena. Similarly, collectable weapons (which drop onto the stage as the fight progresses) include memorable items such as the hedgehog grenade from the Resistance series.

There’s really clever interaction between some of PlayStation’s most disparate brands too. The God of War stage – which of course sees you duking it out in the underworld – shows the gigantic titan Hades fighting against pesky Patapon in the background. Similarly, the arena based upon Jak & Daxter’s homeworld inexplicably adds Hot Shots Golf characters into the fray, who proceed to fire flaming golf balls into the air which you must avoid.

And this is just a small sample of the kind of crazy action the full title will entail. SuperBot Entertainment is promising the inclusion of some third-party characters, in addition to a complete single-player campaign. The final boss character has to be Ken Kutaragi, right? Or perhaps even Kaz Hirai?

What’s most exciting is that anything’s possible right now. SuperBot Entertainment’s proved that it’s willing to dip all the way into PlayStation lore with Battle Royale – the mere inclusion of PaRappa the Rapper as a playable character proves as much.

With over 20 different environments and a huge roster of characters rumoured, the months leading up to Battle Royale’s late 2012 release are going to be a markedly exciting time for PlayStation fans. We can’t wait to see what else SuperBot Entertainment has in store for us.

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Savino said:

If it turns out to be as good as SSB I will give it a go... But since modnation is nothing compared to Mario Kart I will wait the reviews first.



ShogunRok said:

Sony will bring out some pretty huge third party characters at E3. I'm calling that now...



UNC5052 said:

Someone on the PS Blog asked about a Vita version and Omar responded saying, "a Vita version would be pretty cool!" E3 announcement maybe?



Slapshot said:

@get2sammyb Kazuma Kiryu better make the roster!

I'd also like to see them throw in a few of the lesser known character too: Busby, Blasto, Aya Brea, Tomba, etc. Other big name stars like: Rayman, Lara Croft, Jill Valentine, Mushashi, etc. are all up for grabs I'm sure!



Stuffgamer1 said:

This game is already doing a pretty good job of being inspired by, yet differentiating itself from, Smash Bros. It uses health instead of percentage, for one thing. And the levels look...dare I say it?...almost crazier than Smash Bros. thanks to the weird miss-matching action.

Obvious characters that will almost definitely make appearances include Nathan Drake, Jak (preferably with Daxter along for the ride), Ratchet (with Clank on back), Cole MacGrath (good, evil, a unique mix?), and Sackboy (level and no playable would be crazy). Also likely: Ezio, 'cause he loves to cameo in everything he can.



SuperNictendo said:

I'm excited. I think its good that sony and nintendo celebrate their franchises and history in such a way even if its an ambitious clone. Now....a cross-over between the two would be ridiculous lol



Yankeejer said:

Some characters I am hoping for:
Welkin from VC, Cloud from FFVII, Crash Bandicoot, Akuma from SF, Denam from Tactics Ogre, and maybe a create a fighter option.



rjejr said:

Sony Superstars Brawler Buster

I'm still not convinced its all that different - you can play Brawl with some cool backgrounds, MGS, Pikmin and Pitt, and you can play w/ health or coins or hit points and a few others, there are so many customIzaations in that game Sony would be hard pressed to come up w/ anything original. This game will sell, and sell big, but I feel like they should put a big "inspired by Nintendo" on the box.



Noire said:

@get2sammyb Oh I could definitely go for hearing his suave, manly voice every time I play a match ... yes indeed~

He just needs to be in the game in some sort of capacity or else it feels like such a waste of an opportunity. D:



Kage_88 said:

Well, if Sony didn't have any right to mock Nintendo before (which they didn't), then they sure as hell don't now.

I'm sorry to bring negativety into this thread...but I just need to get this off my chest. How many times does Sony need to plagiarise Nintendo's successes? Christ, as if the PSN hack didn't make them enough of a laughing stock.



Slapshot said:

@Kage_88 It's easy to understand your frustrations, but at the same time, Nintendo will like be be very humbled that they've been, yet again, used as an inspiration to create another Triple-A title. I could dare say today, that most all games find inspiration to games from somewhere else, so it's just the way the industry moves forward.

Ford might have created the first automobile, but other companies have vehicles today that look very similar to their car models. Another way to look at this, and I say this a huge Nintendo fan myself, you can now guarantee that Nintendo his hitting the drawing boards to pull out all the stops with the next Super Smash Bros. because they've got major competition now. It might have been a small upgrade over Brawl, but now they have to go all out to compete. Competition is what pushes the games we buy to strive for perfection, otherwise, we'd just have small changes on the same basic formula rehashes over and again.

Lastly, if you watch the full GTTV episode, then you'll see that their are some big differences in the gameplay too.

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