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Early Warning: Don't Delete Your Mass Effect 3 Save

Posted by James Newton

You know, when it's out

In an act of extraordinary foresight, BioWare has advised Mass Effect 3 players not to delete their save game — over a month before the game's release.

Speaking to GamerZines, BioWare associate producer Mike Gamble said:

It wouldn't be a bad idea [to keep your ME3 saves]. Obviously I can't say anything, but it wouldn't be a bad idea...

Players can transfer their save files from Mass Effect 2 over to BioWare's next shooter, due for release in March; could this point to another entry in the Mass Effect universe on PS3?

In any case, anyone thinking about deleting a completed save file for a game they haven't even played yet should examine their priorities.


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cyphid said:

Geez, I really need to play the original on the 360. I want to get into these games but something is mentally blocking my motivation or something...



Noire said:

Do people do this? Do they just ... delete saves like that? I mean I understand in the days of memory cards that could only hold so much, but I would have to play thousands upon thousands of games on my PS3 before I would even have to think about deleting them for space...

Well except for these massive Skyrim files I have. 12 MBs probably add up after a while.



zezhyrule said:

who doesn't go around freely deleting all their save data? I know I do. It's fun, you should all try it!



WolfRamHeart said:

Uh oh, I already deleted my Mass Effect 3 save file(even though the game isn't even out yet)! Will this cause the very fabric of the space-time continuum to unravel? I think that I may have doomed us all!



NathanUC said:

And I was just about to go deleting things willy nilly. Honestly I think the only saves I've deleted ever on PS3 was a few Skyrim saves. Don't see much of a reason to delete others lol

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