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I've played games for 23 years now and never thought I'd be playing games to this day. Nintendo is my favorite since I could remember though, I enjoy other platforms as well. I've begun creating my own web comics recently. My very own project, BIO-METAL and co-creator of INCOGNITO: ENTER THE NINJA.

Thu 25th Mar 2010

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cyphid commented on Review: Darkstalkers Resurrection (PlayStation...:

Very well written review Joe Walker!

I have always been aware of this fighting series but have never really played them. I really wanted to play the Darkstalkers PSP launch game however, never played that game as well.

Now that this collection is available, I better give this a shot.



cyphid commented on Fresh Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Take Flight:

Push Square isn't the first to say GTA V isn't able to run on current gen consoles... Why not? Compression and hardware tricks can achieve some amazing technical feats. I don't see why not GTA V isn't coming to current gen consoles; it would be a wonderful way to give this generation a goodbye!



cyphid commented on Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophies Unlock in August:

Very un-expected! I have been wanting to play through this game again. Now I have more a reason to do so!

I guess Konami will make some announcements regarding the 25th Anniversary; I would love to see a port of MGS4 for Vita! Konami showed off the possibilty when the Vita was announced, so surr it coukd have been a demonstration but it makes me wonder...



cyphid commented on Rockstar Tempers Grand Theft Auto V Release Sp...:

The game is looking very detailed, especially the second screen with the characters; much more realistic than GTA IV character models.

Its all Looking good, but I bet we will see this Holiday 2013.



cyphid commented on DOOM 3: BFG Edition Invades Store Shelves on 1...:

It's releasing on my birthday month; awesome! I really wanted to have a pc powerful enough to play doom 3 when it first released so long ago. Then I missed the game on the xbox. I really wish I didn't miss it out on it, twice. Now its third times a charm?



cyphid commented on New WipEout 2048 DLC Races onto PSN This Week:

Very cool, I never finished wipeout hd, nor did I finish Fury... The reasons? Controls and difficulty. I love the games on ps3 and picked up 2048 near launch, hopefully I can actually endur the pain!



cyphid commented on Grand Theft Auto Vita Hijacks Sony Survey:

@PikminMonster I would hardly say Vita is messing up. I have 10 game for the system already. I definitely did not have that many games in the same timeframe with the 3DS!

Vita has soooo many great games releasing this year its ridiculous! Check out Sony's site; they had the front page all about E3 and the upcoming games!



cyphid commented on Soul Sacrifice Serves Up New E3 Trailer:

Not true. Jack Tretton of Sony was interviewed @E3 this morning from Spike, he was asked if the Vita was doomed. His response was a really good one; said the Vita's only been out 4 months and nearly 60 new titles are coming by the end of the year. I bet a majority is PSN but that's not a problem to me.



cyphid commented on Review: Binary Domain (PlayStation 3):

I need to pick this up, I really love the developers! I'm a bit old fashioned but I still enjoy single player games over multiplayer. So I bet I love this game when I play!



cyphid commented on New Sorcery Footage Waves its Wand:

Looks good! An Harry Potter style game but with loads of action and adventure?

I remember the unveiling of this game before the Move was out; it looks to have evolved well, more outdoor levels, better graphics and much variety.



cyphid commented on Rumour: Shenmue HD Was Finished Over a Year Ago:

I'm so glad there's hope to see these games release sometime in the future. If it is true that Sega has them ready, for a year now, I truly cannot wait. I think that the Dreamcast had some amazing advances in the gaming industry; truly ahead of its time, only to be snuffed because consumers were using PS2's for DVD players.



cyphid commented on Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Confirmed for Wes...:

Amazing decision on Capcom's side; I so wanted to get into the original versions on Wii but never got around to it. I love my PS3 and have been begging for more Move games, regardless of the form. The trailer above made me so happy! Cannot wait.



cyphid commented on Review: Twisted Metal (PlayStation 3):

I played the crap out of TM 2, as for some of the original. I played TM 3 and 4 a little bit but not as religiously as I did with TM 2. It was my Goldeneye for PSone.

TM Black is great, also enjoyed the TM Head-on/ Extra Twisted Edition on PS2 (though a bit too short seeing as how the original staff passed away).

I plan to pick up the PS3 TM game but Vita has taken over my soul...



cyphid commented on Ubisoft Posts Assassin's Creed III Boxart:

I read at other game blogs that the main character is a Native American, as further indicated by axe in the boxart.

I have yet to play through the original game from 2007; better get into these games to be ready for this one!



cyphid commented on Review: Journey (PlayStation Network):

I enjoyed flow but loved Flower. If this review is any indication, Journey out does the previous games thatgamecompany has made. I can't wait. kinda shocked it scored a perfect review!



cyphid commented on Sony to Make New Announcements at GDC:

I didnt even read the headline and noticed an Shenmue image.... You tricked me..

To get on topic, I think a lot of people who have the "in" with the game industry says a few small things that leads to large speculation. Sony has a great start with the Vita so I hope GDC is filled with new announcements!



cyphid commented on Feature: The Reaction to PlayStation Vita:

I held the Vita at my local Best Buy a few weeks ago (an associate had it dangling around his neck). If I hadn't already pre-ordered a Vita, I would have been sold on it because it was an awesome initial experience; beautiful design, quality, button placement, weight, and brilliant 5" screen. I havent been as excited for the handheld as much since the Game Boy days. I enjoyed the PSP, but didnt have the same feeling.

I have yet to further experience the Vita, since my system hasnt come in the mail yet... I really ought to of payed for faster shipping!



cyphid commented on Sony: Early Vita Sales Data is "Very Positive":

I'm glad it seems to be doing well out the door. The 3DS seemed hopeless for the first few months (day on purchase for myself). Sony seems to be more positive about their performances, leading consumers to feel more assured for the future of the handheld.



cyphid commented on Rayman Origins Vita Launch Trailer Hops Online:

@Squiggle55 "I like to sing-a, about the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a...." Damn you, that was out my head for ages! The second I saw your avatar, it returned...

To get back on subject, I cannot wait to get this for Vita. It seems a perfect fit for portable goodness! I hear the Vita Lumines is great too, just need to wait for moh moolah!



cyphid commented on Review: Asura's Wrath (PlayStation 3):

I made the mistake to purchase Dark Void at full price; I knew it wasn't the best game but didn't care, but once the game kept glitching and freezing I knew my mistake...

Asura's Wrath looks loads better than Dark Void however, Im expecting my Vita sometime this week..