You've heard the arguments about whether or not PlayStation Move ripped off the Wii; you might even have started one in a moment of boredom. The technology used in Move actually has its roots in the PlayStation 2's EyeToy camera, as a series of technical demos from 2000 onwards show.

In the video below from a conference held in 2004 or 2005, Dr Richard Marks, Sony's R&D Manager of Special Projects, shows off how the prototype PlayStation Wand could be used in conjunction with the EyeToy camera and software to offer familiar Move features, including 3D motion tracking and a huge coloured ball on top of the controller. Sony filed patents for the controller in 2004, some time before the Wii – then known as Revolution – was unveiled.

How the world of gaming could have been so different had Sony released this technology for the PlayStation 2 instead of PlayStation 3.