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I make games. I make music. I play games, but not as much as making them, or making music for them. The Ys series is the finest set of games to ever grace this planet. Ys 7 is the best APRG ever made. I like turtles.

Wed 1st Apr 2009

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SwerdMurd commented on Sony Reveals American Prices For Memory Cards ...:

Am I the only one who isn't all that put off by the pricing? Doesn't seem THAT far from SD cards...way more reasonable than memory stick at any rate.

@Stuff - that sucks about the load speed. Might get the week-early bundle w/ the included 4 gig--we'll see.

Oh--and hi world! I still exist--I promise.



SwerdMurd commented on Naughty Dog: Vita & PS3 Can Deliver Wii U Expe...:

@Superducky - It doesn't need it, but given how many games for all current-gen mobile devices were made with multitouch in mind, it seems like kind of a stupid decision not to include it. Pinch zoom has become a standard in mobile UI interaction/web browsing now, and it's another area where the 3DS falls flat on its face.



SwerdMurd commented on Naughty Dog: Vita & PS3 Can Deliver Wii U Expe...:

Naughty Dog wrote:

I’m not completely sold yet. That the screen isn’t multi-touch, that’s a little weird.

I didn't realize I worked for Naughty Dog . Seriously though--why in god's name would any touch-enabled device not be multi-touch these days? DS was forgivable given when it came out, as were DS-lite and DSi. 3DS and Wii U not featuring multitouch is a complete and total joke though.



SwerdMurd commented on Review: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (PlayStation ...:

I posted this on the NL forums but I suppose it's good here too.

Multiplayer (invite-style) works--you just have to go about selecting your multi character in an admittedly strange fashion.

If you are joining multiplayer, and are starting a brand new character (picking New Character from the menu), you can join a game just fine.

If you are joining multiplayer and are using an already-created character, simply choosing the character with X results in not being able to access the hosted game. Instead, highlight the character you want to select and start mashing X instead of pressing it once. It sounds stupid, but it works and the connection window pops up immediately afterwords. I've tried it 5 times and it worked all 5 times.



SwerdMurd commented on Out Today: Tuesday 12th April 2011 (North Amer...:

Dungeon Hunter is awesome. A few random issues (jumpy frame very rarely, some slowdown on co-op in a few spots) but super-solid and a crazy-good deal even at 12.99

Might and Magic is awesome too. This is arguably one of the best weeks PSN has ever had.



SwerdMurd commented on Interviews: Gameloft - Dungeon Hunter: Alliance:

I guess my only question would be if you can combine local and multiplayer co-op....for instance--2 players on one console and 2 players on another console--a full, 4-man team with 2 online consoles. This is something that's rarely possible but would be greatly appreciated--being able to play with someone else locally and queue up for another 2 randoms to join would also be nice.

But yeah. Local and multi co-op, together, and it's day one for me. Multi only....I'll definitely get it at some point but not out of the gate.



SwerdMurd commented on Review: Killzone 3 (PlayStation 3):

might grab this one...played Killzone 2 (which it sounds like a lot of people didn't enjoy) and it's one of my favorite FPSes--can only imagine how much further this one takes it! Personally I preferred Resistance 2 to Killzone 2 (slightly) so we'll see if this bucks the trend...based on that review I can't see why it wouldn't



SwerdMurd commented on Valve Explains Why You Can't Use Move in Portal 2:

@slap - ok i gotta admit i have no idea how to read that face in context. I stand by everything I wrote though

I also stand by feeling like Valve just ducked out of doing the work and explained it away after the fact. Gamers these days like options--I may find Ys: Oath in Felghana impossible to play using the mouse buttons to jump and attack, but god bless them for going the extra mile and including that functionality for the PC version. And btw--that game was programmed by 4 people (another 12-15 or so did artwork and JDK did music as usual)



SwerdMurd commented on Valve Explains Why You Can't Use Move in Portal 2:

yeah what a strange comment....I personally don't think they have a right to speak for every perspective purchaser the way they did--if you guys can't figure out a good way to program around move controls, that's one thing. Given how many examples of both Wii and Move FPS-style controls we've already seen though, I can't see how they'd have that problem. Hell Gameloft was able to make an FPS with good Move controls....and they're Gameloft. You know--the maker of such games as Copycat, Cash-in 2: Molestation of Intellectual Property and Arbitrary Sports Game,



SwerdMurd commented on Apparently Portal 2 Does Not Have Full Move Su...:

Personally I'd be pretty happy if it had Mouse/keys support (USB or bluetooth), like all games that exist on PC in addition to other platforms. Especially if it's gonna be cross-console multiplayer--let me at least compete on an even playing field with the people with infinitely more precise control.

Why don't all games have mouse/keys support? Literally the only one I can think of is Unreal Tournament 3...and who plays that?



SwerdMurd commented on Out Today: Dead Space: Extraction (Global):

this game is obtainable outside of Deadspace 2? Was not aware...As far as I understood, it was on-disc and needed to be installed separately, but the disc still needed to be inside the PS3 in order to play.



SwerdMurd commented on Review: Modern Combat: Domination (PlayStation...:

That conclusion is awesome

Good review slap--you're really gettin' the hang of this! I've been on the fence about buying this for the last 3 acct. sharing buddy has a Move so he's been trying to get me to buy it too.



SwerdMurd commented on Capcom Calls Resident Evil 5 "Best Move Game O...:

RE5 was my defining "so glad I bought a PS3" moment. Fixed everything I didn't like about RE4 and then some. Only good thing about RE4 were the controls on the Wii version imo, and now they're exceeded...and I don't have to play RE4 with them



SwerdMurd commented on Time Crisis: Razing Storm Plagued by Accuracy ...:

I gotta say in a way this almost makes me happy. I'm hoping that the game stays somewhat broken for a little while, reports creep out, and retailers lower the price as a result. Hopefully after this happens, the issues will get patched and I'll be able to get cheap Time Crisis.



SwerdMurd commented on DualShock Players "Run Rings" Around Movers in...:

I loved Killzone 2, despite hearing a lot of smack-talk about its mechanics. I personally liked the coverfire system and the default control scheme...I dunno if I'm gonna get it full-priced on release day, but it's definitely on my radar...GREAT weapon options.



SwerdMurd commented on PlayStation Store Update Brings Extras to EyeP...:

One of the Need for Speed games did the same thing on PS3...all the in-game unlocks had price values assigned to them as well (normally like 1-2 bucks per car or w/e) -- seemed like a weird way to cut yourself short of both playtime and play incentives...but I guess giving people that option is ok if they're willing to pay for it.



SwerdMurd commented on Review: Heavy Rain (PlayStation 3):

i'd have to disagree....there may have been some somewhat wonky plot elements and resolutions to said elements, but i wouldn't call those the same thing as plotholes....and I loved Madison!

I'd have said 9 simply cause none of the shortcomings bothered me much...I played it to completion in two days and I watched teh game played start to finish about a month later, also over the span of two days. Both experiences were immensely enjoyable.

Great review though man.